Two Solar Trackers – An Abundant Solar Harvest

Independent Power Systems recently installed a second dual-axis solar tracker for the Millers in Longmont, CO. They now have one of only two dual-axis AllEarth Solar trackers making solar-generated electricity on the Colorado Front Range.

3.816kW Wattsun tracker and 8.28kW AllEarth Solar tracker with SunPower panels

3.816kW Wattsun tracker and 8.28kW AllEarth Solar tracker with SunPower panels

What initially motivated you to consider a solar PV system for your home? Specifically, why did you ultimately choose a dual-axis solar tracker system?

I wanted to decrease my coal dependence; I believe that global warming is happening and that it’s human-induced. For me, going solar was the responsible thing to do. Getting the invested money back was not the main issue.

I heard about IPS and called them. Because my roof is not optimal for solar panels, the IPS solar specialist suggested a tracker system. I was intrigued, and after becoming educated on how the tracker works, I went for it. That was the Wattsun tracker— outfitted with 3.816kW of SunPower solar panels.

I now have two trackers! Five years after getting the first one, I thought why not get a second in order to cover my electrical load. So, this past fall, I called IPS again.  The AllEarth Solar tracker was just installed about a month ago, in mid-January of 2017.

My main concern with my first tracker—the Wattsun—was that it wouldn’t hold up in the high winds we can get here. But for five years it has been fine. The new AllEarth Solar tracker has an anemometer. When winds get strong enough, the tracker will go flat. Also, it has a sensor and will dump snow, so the panels are always ready for sunshine.

Does the tracker meet your expectations insofar as how it looks and operates?

I get real excited watching the trackers move. All day long they follow the sun! At first I was a bit worried about my neighbors seeing the trackers, the impact on their view. I talked with them during and after the installation. They were cool about it; they didn’t see it as a problem. They’re big!  But I think they’re sleek looking.

Are you happy with IPS’s performance in working with you and delivering as you expected?  

The people who work for IPS were easy to talk to, willing to answer any question, always seemed happy … and they played with my dog. There is always a very positive feeling all around. They listened well; throughout the process communication was excellent.

What would you like to say to someone considering going solar? 

I’d tell them to call IPS. My experience has been great. The one tracker, the Wattsun, has held up with no problems for five years. And I expect this AllEarth tracker to do its job, problem-free.

AllEarth dual-axis solar tracker with SunPower high efficiency panels

AllEarth dual-axis solar tracker with SunPower high efficiency panels


System overview:

AllEarth dual-axis solar tracker: 8.28kW

  • [24] SunPower-345 high-efficiency panels
  • Annual production: 19,002kWh

Wattsun dual-axis solar tracker: 3.816kW

  • [12] SunPower-320 high-efficiency panels
  • Annual production: 7,763kWh


To learn more about AllEarth Solar Trackers, click here; one of our solar specialists will promptly get in touch.

Tracker owner Steve Miller is a retired interventional radiologist. On his property he tends a greenhouse with orchids and many other plants. He and his wife garden, tend to their horses and collect art. They are strong supporters of locally-owned businesses.

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