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IPS has installed a 50kW solar system on the Boulder Nissan dealership; this plus the upcoming LED lighting retrofit, will allow Boulder Nissan to reduce their electricity usage from coal by 65%! Project UPDATE:   IPS in the news!! “It’s so exciting” says a gleeful Nigel Zeid, EV (electric vehicle) specialist at the Boulder, Colorado Nissan… Read More

In quaint, residential Aurora, CO, this homeowner is enjoying their new SunPower solar system! Thanks to our detail-oriented installers, the panels are aligned perfectly in both of the two arrays. This system will produce 15,779 kWh each year. Specs: Array 1: • (24) 327 Watt SunPower modules • (1) Fronius 7500 Watt inverter Array 2: • (12) 327… Read More

There’s no getting around it — it’s expensive to slice silicon into really thin pieces and slap them on your roof in such a way to ensure you’ll be generating electricity for decades to come. Solar technology is still fresh and although it’s getting cheaper every day, it’s just not as mature as steam turbines… Read More

Analyzing Solar in Bozeman

Let’s face it, electricity can be confusing. Electrons scooting through copper wires somehow illuminate your closet and charge your iPad. Things can get even more intimidating when you add solar panels into the mix, and you may think you don’t know enough about electricity to consider investing in a solar array. That’s not at all… Read More

The SIMMS Fishing headquarters in Bozeman, MT proudly shows off a 44.35 kW SunPower solar system.The SIMMS Fishing array serves as a symbol of their great respect for the great outdoors. Their  production facility and headquarters and since fish depend on a clean environment and they are doing their part to keep the water clean…. Read More