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Dan Siddall, broker / owner of Lyons, CO Gateway Realty recently installed a 9.47kW solar system to power the business as well as to use clean renewable energy to charge the company vehicles, a Nissan Leaf and an electric golf cart. This is truly the definition of photosynthesis—turning sunlight into fuel. Boulder-based Independent Power Systems… Read More

Over the years, I have been asked whether or not PV systems emit significant levels of electromagnetic radiation or in industry parlance, electromagnetic interference or ‘EMI’. EMI is also called radio frequency interference or RFI. Many electronic devices emit some levels of electromagnetic radiation; the amount and type is regulated by the FCC (Federal Communications… Read More

Posted by Modernize Guest Contibutor America’s energy policy has been the subject of much recent debate: From the Pope’s public advocacy of environmental stewardship to the EPA’s toughened regulations on pollution from petroleum refineries, the sources that power our society have rarely been so widely scrutinized. Once regarded as a subject best left to the energy… Read More

The tiny house movement, also known as the small house movement, is a popular tag for the social and house building movement that vouches for simple living in small, off the grid homes. The small house movement is made up of an exponentially growing movement of tiny house enthusiasts who are concerned about the environment… Read More

Brownfields are sites which have been previously contaminated, frequently making them more expensive to clean up than they are worth. Oftentimes, the EPA designates certain brownfield sites as Superfund sites, providing assistance in site cleanup. For example, the Maywood Superfund site in Indianapolis site was cleaned up with the help of the EPA. Then it… Read More