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Independent Power Systems, leads a statewide no-cost feasibility study for all Massachusetts New Car Dealers to install Solar and LED lighting systems.  Directed by Northern Colorado award winning Dealer Principal, Ryan Ferrero, the IPS team specializes in cost reduction working directly with the dealership’s Utility company.  The Project known as Massachusetts Solar Project 2020 (MSP 2020) encourages new car dealers to take advantage of often lucrative solar incentives that are scheduled to terminate before the year 2020.   Click here to read an article on the latest Massachusetts Solar Power Incentives called the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target or “SMART”

    Read these case studies to learn why dealerships are going solar:

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IPS is a Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association Member.

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Boulder Nissan roof solar array

Boulder Nissan roof solar array

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Ryan Ferrero, CSP Director

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IPS is a Solar Electric, LED and Energy Efficiency Contractors and a Massachusetts Automobile Dealers Association Member.

Massachusetts Solar Project 2020 for new Franchised Auto Dealers, directed by Northern Colorado 20+ year Dealer Principal, Ryan Ferrero. Affordability for Solar and LED lighting systems with custom turn-key design, engineering and installation.

IPS, Independent Power Systems, works directly with your Utility company and has done so since 1996. Please notify us as soon as you’re ready for a no-cost feasibility study, reference signature partners and installations with Boulder Nissan, Coors Field, and Centura Health Clinic.