Introducing the Power Tower.

A seamless integration of both wind and solar power.

“Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way.”

-Tom Freston

The Power Tower is the ultimate platform for creating your own power for off-grid independence. It offers the synergistic benefits of tapping both solar and wind energy – and in a package that caters to safety, convenience and elegance. Combining both power generators (wind turbine with solar panels) in a single structure results in material-use and cost efficiencies. The result is a much lower overall system cost. The structure of the tower makes for the narrowest possible tower profile. As such the tower does a good job of being less noticeable than other types of towers.

Solar and wind energy are available to some degree at most every location AND they occur in a complementary manner. The times when sun is less prevalent, wind can be and often is prevalent. This harmony of resources creates a steadier flow of electrical energy than either source alone, and this makes all the difference when it comes to providing off-grid power to run a home.

The Power Tower is an offering unique to IPS. Our guy-less, tilt-down tower is the main platform that not only holds the wind turbine but also the solar array for the synergistic combination of solar power coupled with wind power.

The combination of wind and solar results in many benefits:

  • Radically reduced generator run-time = less or no fuel costs, minimized generator maintenance expenses, increased generator service life, lower emissions, less noise
  • Substantially decreased average battery depth of discharge = smaller battery bank, longer battery service life

The Power Tower is available as a complete, turnkey off-grid power system outfitted with solar panels, wind turbine, battery bank, inverters, and switch gear. Alternately, it is available as a platform only – for which you can add your own turbine and solar panels and other equipment.

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Small wind turbines make sense for off-grid power generation. They are the perfect compliment to a solar array by producing power often times when there is low or no sunlight. As such, a wind turbine can displace a lot of fuel based generator operation and in some applications eliminate it entirely.

Selecting a Small Wind Turbine


Selecting a wind turbine is easy as it comes down to choosing among the three Bergey Wind Power turbines — The 1kW, 6kW, and 10kW. Bergey is the only manufacturer that has a long history of building reliable wind turbines.


In general for typical residential off grid homes the most appropriate choice is the 6kW. Coupled with a solar array the 6kW turbine can provide complete fuel independence year round home power needs.

We have flown enough turbines to know which ones are reliable and perform well. The following models are ones that we have direct experience flying and recommend:

Bergey 6 kW
Download the Bergey Excel 6kW Datasheet
Learn more at the Bergey website

Bergey 10 kW
Download the Bergey Excel 10kW Datasheet
Learn more at the Bergey website

Selecting a Tower

The best tower is one that makes accessing the turbine for inspection and service a safe and easy process. Our GLTD tower is a winch operated, tilt-down tower that allows lowering the turbine to the ground by undoing one bolt and pressing one button.


A robust wind turbine is essential for wind power to be a worth-while investment. After two decades of flying most of the small wind turbines, we can say with confidence that the only turbine that has proven its extreme dependability is the Bergey 10k. Having direct experience with 5 of these turbines around Montana over a ten year period, we have not seen any turbine failures! This is an incredible feat and especially when considering all other brands of turbines 10kW or less, are fraught with reliability issues. The 6kW is built in the same burly fashion as its bigger, older brother the 10kW but with some clever improvements and sized more appropriately for typical residences.

Small Wind Power for Grid-Tie Applications

While it is tempting to want to put the wind to work making electricity and use it to offset home electric usage, this is always more easily and less expensively done with a solar electric system. A solar system is much easier to permit and install; annual sunlight energy is easy to predict, wind is not.


Wind systems are eligible for the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit as well as state and local utility incentives. Learn about incentives for your state at the Database for Renewables and Energy Incentives, they can be found at