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The benefits of a tracker solar system: on and off the grid Tracking solar arrays are a beautiful thing to behold; like sunflowers they optimize their energy absorption by following the path of the sun throughout the day. Trackers come in two basic designs: single and dual axis. The latter type maintains perfect perpendicular orientation… Read More

Our civilization is imprinted with the modern infrastructure and technology necessary for our modern lives: buildings that we live and work in; roads and refineries for our transportation; power plants and the grid for our electricity, etc. From our kitchen gadgets to our communication devices to our vehicles, we are constantly surrounded by technology. And… Read More

PV4EV! Photovoltaic Electric Systems are the ideal match for electric vehicle owners seeking a low-cost and low-impact lifestyle.  Get your solar on! The electric cars (EV = electric vehicle) are coming! Fact is, they’re very much here. In 2014 at least thirteen new electric car models came to market in the United States; 22 EV… Read More

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, a south-facing roof is best for solar panels (in the northern hemisphere). However, east-facing and west-facing roofs might make sense, financially, depending on the average number of peak sun hours per day in your locations, as well as the state-specific incentives you will be able to take advantage of…. Read More