We received this confirmation today that SunPower is different and produces more energy.

1.More Energy Today. Higher output per rated watt:

Solar is about energy, not just solar panels. The energy output that the panels produce (kWhs) is the real value. SunPower fE20 (327’s) were found to produce an average of 8% more energy per rated watt than conventional panels. Meaning if you have two 5kW system’s next to each other, one using the E20’s and one using conventional modules, the E20’s will produce an average of 8% more energy in the first year. And the X-Series is even better than that. We produce more Energy (kWhs) Today!

Prove it!
a. SunPower took the top three spots in Photons 2012 test field with our 327, 320, and 245 watt panels. This test puts over 150 different modules in a field together, measures the output of each panel closely, and lets nature do the rest. This test is designed to answer the question: Is a kW really just a kW no matter what manufacturer makes it? Apparently not. It does matter! Photon Test Field.

b. So why does SunPower outperform conventional modules per rated watt? BEW Engineering, an independent third party firm, credits this advantage to five distinct areas related to SunPower’s fundamentally different cell architecture.
Third Party SunPower Yield Report

Read the full report about SunPower cell architecture here.