If you are living in Massachusetts, solar power has become a very attractive investment recently. Governor Patrick has made a commitment to install 1600 Megawatts of solar power in Massachusetts by 2020 and when you choose to go solar in Massachusetts, you get a Mass CEC Solar II Instant Rebate of $2000-$4000. Then a Federal Tax Credit decreases the total cost of the solar power system by 30%. Last, you receive a $1000 Massachusetts State Tax credit. Also, we can’t overlook the many attractive solar financing options available.

Once the solar power system is installed, you begin to immediately offset your electricity costs, often by 100%. While you’re saving money in electricity costs, you’re also adding equity to your home; In fact, oftentimes the whole cost of the solar power system is recovered just by the increase in your home equity.

Massachusetts Solar Financing

Massachusetts has one of the shortest break-even periods, generally in the range of 4 to 8 years for a 40+ year system. Best of all, once your system has paid for itself, you have free electricity for the life of the system, and can even make some extra money by selling electricity back to the utility companies (which have clean energy quotas set by the government that they have to meet).

Do you know anyone that’s fed up with their electricity bills and considering going solar in Massachusetts? Refer them to us and we will pay you $400 if they go solar!