Let’s face it, understanding utility billing statements can be like reading a new language. If you have invested in residential solar PV (photovoltaics), measuring its productivity is important yet tough to decipher. Here are the key points to eliminate the confusion.

So, what does “Meter Reading Information” actually mean?

Net Delivered By Xcel: This number reflects usage pulled from the grid after using any energy produced by solar.

Net Generated by Customer: This number reflects the solar production the system has “banked”. Another way of explaining it is to consider the bank as a credit, although it will not be monetized.

One of these two readings will always be zero. If the net from Xcel is zero this means your system has produced enough energy to “bank” and draw from before Xcel charges you. Whatever your house uses before it touches the grid is not accounted for on these bills. It only reflects usage after the solar bank/credit has been used OR it reflects remaining credit in your solar bank.

Note: Xcel charges a nominal statement fee even if your system has over produced.