Let your voice be heard!

NorthWestern Energy has declared their plans to roll back net metering in 2015. In an op-ed published last month, Northwestern vice president John Hines said, “In the upcoming state legislative session, NorthWestern will be working to improve the net metering model.” Of course, the word ‘improve’ can mean many things, depending on whose perspective you take. You can also read the response to NorthWestern Energy’s article from by former legislator Jon Ellingson, sponsor of Montana’s original net metering law.

Our local organization, MREA is working very hard with bipartisan sponsors to improve net metering through legislation that would allow more families and businesses to control their power bills with a private investment in clean energy.

Educate yourself, there are many net metering bills that will be up for hearings you can track the schedule and listen to the hearings: Montana Legislature

Here are three things you can do from home:

1) Leave a message for the committee members.

Call the Capitol at (406) 444-4800 and request to leave messages for the House and Senate Energy Committee members urging them to support House Bills 192 and 188 (for House Committee Members) and Senate Bill 134 (for Senate Committee Members).

2) Write a letter that we can deliver in person.

Email MREA your letter so we can present it to Committee members at the hearings.

3) Sign-on to the Local Energy Investment Act.

Let MREA know if they can add your business or organization to the sign-on letter.