An average home could have all of its electricity needs provided for by a 7.5kW solar energy system. The system would produce around 11700 kWh per year (if you use SunPower panels). Using the sun to power this home instead of buying electricity from utility companies burning fossil fuels would be enough to take 1.7 passenger cars off the road each year that the solar energy system is in operation. It is also equivalent to preventing 3 tons of waste from going to the landfill or 6.6 acres of U.S. forests absorbing their fill of carbon for one year (EPA). Let us now take a look at the sheer power of the sun, in relation to our energy needs.

The above image (from helioviewer.org) helps us visualize the next statement a little better: Enough sun hits the Earth every minute to satisfy the energy needs of the entire planet for one year. Yet 67% of our energy needs are still being satisfied by coal and natural gas, with solar accounting for only 3.46% of energy production. Let’s keep the momentum towards clean energy going! Every American has the right to generate his or her own power from the sun.