Whether you are an avid follower of international soccer and the FIFA World Cup or not, you may have heard buzz surrounding Brazil’s expenditure of $3.6 billion on construction and renovation of twelve stadiums throughout the country, with an overarching goal for energy efficiency. It certainly caught our attention at Independent Power Systems. In preparation for the games that begin today, many historical arenas were made amenable and seven brand new arenas were built to house the hundreds of thousands of fans that have invaded Brazil for the Cup. If you’re like us at Independent Power Systems, interested in quality solar, we will be keeping an eye out for the renewable energy mediums installed to produce clean energy throughout the Cup and for the duration of the stadium’s lifetimes.

Fast Facts:

All of the seven newly constructed arenas produce solar energy, amounting altogether to 5.4MW of solar power.

The rooftop of the Maracanã stadium in Rio de Janeiro, the location of the final match, alone holds 1,500 solar panels.

The Maracanã roof is also designed to collect 50% of rainfall that is to be recycled for field irrigation and plumbing purposes.
This will reduce stadium water consumption by 30% according to venue manager, Julie Martins.

In preparation for the World Cup, Brazil virtually tore down and entirely reconstructed its National Stadium, Mané Garrincha.
The stadium was outfitted with enough solar panels to produce a whopping 2.5 MW of solar power. That’s 2.5 million Watts!

Now, let’s put this into perspective.

A single Mega-Watt has the ability to power up to 1,000 homes depending on the amount of sunshine received in the region. Eco-business recently released a report stating that eleven out of the thirty-two countries competing in this year’s World Cup do not have the capacity to produce the 2.5 MW of power through solar arrays that this one national stadium now boasts.

Can you imagine what state the globe would be in if solar power were propagated evenly throughout the world, not just installed for the purpose of powering one World Cup?

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