It’s a cloudy day in the sleepy town of Ipswich, MA and yet another couple has made the switch to renewable energy. With two arrays consisting of a total of 30 panels, they pack a whopping 10.05 kW on their roof.

These homeowners strongly shared our belief in the importance of home aesthetics. We were very pleased to hear them say, “The garage actually looks better with the panels on it! You guys did a great job, thanks!”

Our brave project manager in Massachusetts even climbed through the basement crawlspace to run the conduit out of sight. Crawling across a dirt floor in the dark, through tons of spider webs… eek! Just in time for Halloween!

Array 1:
–  (24) 335 Watt SunPower modules
–  (1) SunPower 7000 Watt transformerless inverter
Array 2:
–  (6) 335 Watt SunPower modules
–  (1) SunPower 3300 Watt transformerless inverter

IMG_6245-edited Residential solar installed by Independent Power Systems in Massachusetts

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