Posted by Guest Blogger Mary Sauer

The sticker price of the initial cost of installing solar panels for your home or business causes many to hesitate before moving forward. Solar is a large expense initially, but the same is true for various expenses related to your home or business. Sometimes, there are expenses so worth the long-term benefits, the initial bill should not be a cause for concern. Solar is always a good investment because solar benefits your wallet, is good for the environment, increases the value of your home, and allows you to supply your home with energy independent of your local power company.

Montana Solar Investmentimage via Modernize

Solar Energy Saves You Money: The addition of solar panels to your home or business may eventually allow you to greatly reduce or completely eliminate your power bill. Even when energy prices are fluctuating, the cost of solar electric always remains the same. The average solar energy user can expect to save $44,256 over the course of 25 years.

Solar Energy is Good for the Environment: The addition of solar panels to your home allows you to supply electric power to your home in a sustainable way without polluting waste bi-products. When you use solar you decrease your part in global warming, and you may also be a part of increasing local job creation.

Solar Energy Increase the Value of Your Home: Savings on your utility bills is not the only way solar energy can benefit your wallet. Installation of solar panels greatly increases your home’s value, and most homeowners will recoup the cost of installation when they sell their home. Alongside the utility savings experience with solar energy, the average homeowner recoups 97 percent of what they spent on the installation of solar panels in the home.

Solar Energy Give You Independence: The use of solar energy brings homeowners greater independence from their local energy companies. Additionally, by using solar energy you reduce your overall reliance of fossil fuels, the non-sustainable fuel widely used for energy production.

Solar Energy in Montana

If you live in Montana and are considering the switch to solar, you’re making a wise decision. The “Treasure State”  averages more than 300 days of sunshine per year, creating the potential for more than enough energy–and rooftop solar power can provide nearly 20% of all electricity used in Montana! What’s more, the Big Sky Country happily encourages its residents to adapt, offering enticing rebates and incentives to folks who install solar panels, as well as net metering for all solar users for up to at least 10kW generation.

At Modernize, we are hopeful that solar energy is the future for the majority of homeowners. We have watched anxiously as scientist have begun to develop new, more affordable solar energy options for homeowners. The more we learn about the sun, the more we understand why it is so important to harness the energy it provides. Solar is always a good investment, and the world seems to be catching on, since solar energy has become the most popular source of sustainable energy.