Gateway Realty Makes Leaf Photosynthetic!

Dan Siddall, broker / owner of Lyons, CO Gateway Realty recently installed a 9.47kW solar system to power the business as well as to use clean renewable energy to charge the company vehicles, a Nissan Leaf and an electric golf cart. This is truly the definition of photosynthesis—turning sunlight into fuel.

Dan Siddall, owner of Gateway Realty, "fueling" up his Nissan Leaf.

Dan Siddall, owner of Gateway Realty, “fueling” up his Nissan Leaf.

Boulder-based Independent Power Systems (IPS) installed 30 SunPower 327 watt panels on Gateway Realty Group’s east- and west-facing roofs. This system will produce close to 100 percent of Gateway’s annual energy use, including “fueling” the car. This system is battery-backup ready and can provide power during a power outage, something solar systems that are exclusively grid-tied are not capable of doing.

IPS has been in business for over twenty years and is one of the most experienced and trusted installers of solar photovoltaic systems and batter backup for residential and commercial customers in Boulder County.

Siddall wanted to get as much solar as possible in order to also charge his Nissan Leaf car, enabling the already very efficient vehicle to be powered by carbon-free fuel.  He will charge directly from the sun from morning through the afternoon with panels on the east- and west-facing rooftops.

The IRS is still offering the investment tax credit (ITC) on solar of 30 percent (available for residential and commercial) plus MACRS accelerated depreciation for business for the next two years. These tax incentives can help businesses install solar, creating immediate savings on electricity costs, plus saving thousands of dollars over the life of the system.

Diane Dandeneau, IPS sales director and Lyons resident explained, “There is a great opportunity for solar in Lyons, especially for businesses that can take advantage of accelerated depreciation and the tax credit.  Dan Siddall is taking advantage of that, and as icing on the cake, Gateway received a Boulder County Solar Benefits grant for $9,470 that was available at the time.”

Dan Siddall added, “Although I have had the dream of a solar installation on my radar for a while, it wasn’t until Diane Dandeneau applied for the grant from Boulder County on my behalf and actually made it happen that I was able to make that dream a reality. I had met the owner of IPS and several of his crew at a demonstration on residential solar installations they gave in Lyons last year at a customer’s home, and was impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. I had also known Diane personally for several years, so when she went to work for IPS, everything fell into place. Between the Boulder County grant, the federal tax credit, the accelerated depreciation for businesses, the financing package, and the utility cost savings (all of which Dandeneau illustrated and / or arranged), it all made sense financially. I am very grateful to her and IPS for making this happen.”


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