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Written By Tina Boniface

On February 19, 2018

At a Glance:

Our latest customer interview has us speaking with artist Jacqueline Rieder Hud of Montana who had a 7.56 kilowatt SunPower solar power system installed on the roof of her artist's studio, a renovated pig barn built-in 1860.

For as long as artist Jacqueline Rieder Hud can remember, she has been an environmentalist. Respect for nature and the creatures of the Earth has been fundamental to her work and her approach to life. Jacqueline taps into the natural world and Jungian archetypes for her inspiration.

Mythic horse arrived on thunder

He asked if he could show us the way

Breathe deeply …

Let color walk in

Solar on roof of Montana Cabin

7.56 kW SunPower system on Artist’s Studio, a renovated pig barn built in 1860.

Jacqueline and her husband John’s Blue Mountain Ranch is located a quarter mile down a dirt driveway nestled into a cottonwood grove in the wide open land southwest of Bozeman, Montana. Their residence and outbuildings were once a functioning homestead ranch. Horses wander about in the corrals. A dog and various cats scamper by.

“I’ve been rescuing animals for years.  I’ve had up to twenty-four cats at a time, and various horses, a mule, and even two donkeys that I rescued from the big fire in Malibu in 1993.”

The Huds came from Venice Beach in Los Angeles and moved to Jacqueline’s parents’ home state of Montana in 1994. “I love the smell and feel of the Earth here.”

Jacqueline Rieder Hud next to her painting

Above: Jacqueline in front of a large painting during a 2016 interview. Below:  detail  “Emergence” 54″ x 54″.

Artistic Inspiration from the Unconscious

Jacqueline has been painting all her life. She obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing, from California State University, Long Beach and pursued independent studies in Depth Psychology at the C. G. Jung Institute in Los Angeles. Her work is vividly expressionistic. She works in acrylics and collage using brushes on canvas and her fingers.

“Painting for me is very visceral. My imagery is partly about riding along the edge, moving through fear.I feel a sense of union with Animal spirits and an admiration for their rhythmic interaction with their environment, a rhythm that Man as Animal has long forgotten. I see Wilderness as the Soul that we have cast aside. In reclaiming it, through honoring of other species, not obliterating them and their habitat, we are revaluing ourselves and the wholeness that we can become!”

Jacqueline’s book about her creative process entitled Laundry for Strangers – Creativity, Sexuality and Fury was published in 2015 and is on its way to becoming an independent feature film. The book is available through the artist herself. Contact her through

“The 320-page hardbound book is itself a work of art.  It’s my life’s story through paintings, dreams and journals and includes about 200 images. My work honors the fragile web of Nature.”

ground-mounted solar system
Jacqueline Rieder Hud solar art studio

What motivated you to consider a solar electric or PV system for your home?

I’ve always wanted solar. My guide for living is: Be true to yourself. Be a part of the Earth. Don’t just consume and waste and destroy. That’s why I chose solar. For me, this solar system is both an art and lifestyle statement. Now I can go to my grave knowing I did what I could to help preserve our environment.

What allowed you to move forward on deciding to invest in a PV system?

When I got an inheritance, after my mom died, I was able to afford it.

How long have you had your system and are you glad you made the decision to have solar installed?    

My system was installed and turned on in February 2017.  So I’ve had it a year now. And yes, I’m very glad to have the system. It pleases me to see the sleek panels on my studio roof.

How has your PV system benefitted you?  

Of course, I appreciate my very low electric bill. Having solar on my house gratifies my value system. I’m using energy that’s non-polluting and available.

Has it been working like you expected it to? Please elaborate. 

Yes, my electric bill in the summer months was under $14. Of course, it doesn’t make electricity when there’s snow on the panels, but since my roof points directly south, snow slides right off the panels as soon as the sun shines again.

Are you happy with IPS’s performance in working with you and delivering as you expected?

I’m very happy with IPS. The system looks beautiful on the roof of my rustic studio.

What would you like to say to someone considering going solar?  

If you can afford it, do it now. It’s nature’s gift — clean energy!

System Specs: 

[21] 360 W SunPower modules

Estimated Annual Production: 9,762 kWh

For information on getting a solar system for your own home or business, contact IPS.  A friendly solar technician will get back to you quickly.

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