Energy Independence is What I’m Aiming for!

Independent Power Systems recently installed a battery backup for Colorado customer, Mr. Woodson, who is motivated to ultimately get off fossil fuel-based power from Xcel Energy.

Woodson SunPower residential system & battery backup

Woodson SunPower residential system & battery backup

Woodson has begun the process by installing a 30kWhr AGM battery and a 6800 watt inverter to couple to his 10.69kW SunPower solar system mounted on the east-west facing roof of his house.

The first part of his home’s electrical load that he wants to make independent of the grid is his EV (electric vehicle) charger, refrigerator, and freezer as well as multiple outlets and some lights.

What is notable about Woodson’s approach is that he desires to make use of all the solar power generated by his system rather than sending the extra power generated during the day to the grid via his net meter.

This will be accomplished by having the battery inverter system be used for powering his off-grid loads throughout the night, and then recharging the battery during the day via his solar system, which generates enough power on sunny days to not only charge the battery but also run the rest of his house and export to the grid. In this way, the only time his house will run on fossil fuel-generated electricity will be at night.

Battery backup system - IPS installer, Ryan, working on battery box

Residential battery backup system – IPS installer, Ryan, working on battery box

Over the course of a year, Woodson’s system will produce more energy than is consumed, netting a solar gain to be used by neighboring homes and earning Woodson credit with the utility. He will see how this works for the next year or so and then will consider adding more battery capacity with the goal to take his whole house off-grid!


We are are experts at battery backup and off-grid systems. Contact us today. A friendly IPS technician will be with you shortly.

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