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Our expert team helps you break free from oil and coal power and high energy bills with modern, clean energy solutions of solar, battery, heat pumps, and electrical upgrades.

Powering Everything Since 1996

Independent Power was born in the backcountry. Founded by a master electrician whose fascination with renewables began when he saw a solar-powered water pump at a remote mountain hut, he set out to pioneer the latest eco-friendly technologies. From installing solar above treeline in national parks and hoisting batteries to military bases in the middle of the ocean to upgrading homes and businesses across the west, we have taken on some of the toughest jobs and seen it all for more than 25 years.

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We are local through and through, and we have been for more than a quarter of a century. So we know the demands of this crazy climate, the building codes, the inspectors, and even the tax rebates and incentives.


We carry the most advanced, proven, and efficient energy-saving products so you can modernize your home with the most up-to-date technologies. And we do it all, from solar to heat pumps to batteries to EV chargers, so you can #electrifyeverything.


We all want clean energy that fits our home, our business and our budget. We help you create a roadmap to complete energy independence premium products and custom systems built to last.

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$12 trillion

Saved switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy worldwide by 2050

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Increased energy efficiency through energy storage and technology

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Increase in home value after switching to all electric clean energy

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Trees planted equivalent with an all-electric home that eliminates up to 10 tons of carbon per year


Just like our energy solutions, our financing options are customized to your specific needs to ensure maximum value.


Need support for your existing system? Contact our Service Team today to request service.

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