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Why IPS?

Our Heritage of Design and Engineering Excellence

 Since 1996, our team of seasoned solar professionals has been designing and installing economical, aesthetically pleasing, and self-sustaining renewable energy systems for residential and commercial customers in Montana, Colorado, and Massachusetts. We pride ourselves on offering the premium solutions you need to keep the lights on – anywhere and any time.

At the very heart of all our power systems is excellence in electrical design and installation. Our installations are top quality and each come with their own industry-leading warranty as proof of our confidence in our services and products. Our designs and installations are done by in-house engineers, licensed electricians, and certified installers.


Intelegant Award Winners

Smart Development Award

SunPower Dealer Excellence Award

We are deeply committed to helping our local – and broader – communities achieve energy independence by freeing us from the expense and environmental impact of fossil fuels. In addition to environmental groups, many of our employees are extremely active in their communities through other various volunteer and activism groups as well.

Independent Power Systems was founded in 1996 by Tony Boniface, who had a vision to create a company that provided state-of-the-art renewable energy systems with exceptional design, installation, service and support. Tony’s fascination with renewable energy began in 1988 when he was camping on Mount Jefferson and found a solar panel pumping water. The idea of a clean electricity source, powered by the sun, working efficiently without any visible source of conventional power inspired Tony to study alternative energy. Tony worked for a company specializing in solar PV and hybrid electric systems, and completed his professional engineering license. As far as solar companies go, we are pioneers in this space with our long history of learning before grid-tied solar was even economically feasible.

Independent Power Systems has a highly trained professional workforce which has completed thousands of residential and commercial solar, energy storage, wind, and hybrid systems all over the world. We have worked with homeowners, nonprofits, small businesses, cities, multinational corporations, and the military to provide cost-saving and sustainable energy solutions.

Building the Future

One System at a Time

Day in and day out we deliver the products and services we would want in our own homes to our clients and customers to help solve their energy challenges. We do this by choosing only the best, safest, and most long-lasting products available to design a system that will continue to perform year after year.

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Let's take a look to see if solar is right for your home or business.

Free Estimate

Let's take a look to see if solar is right for your home or business.

Hannah Capshaw

Business Development and Microgrid Consultant

Hannah's Story

Hannah Capshaw is the Business Development and Microgrid Consultant at Independent Power Systems. She has a Masters degree in Renewable & Sustainable Energy from the University of Colorado Boulder and Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from Baylor University in Waco, Texas. At IPS, she assists in the development of complex microgrid projects and manages marketing activities. She has experience in the legal field, nonprofits, and the solar industry.

After studying abroad at the Iceland School of Energy, she chose to pursue a career in renewable energy and act as a liaison for the various disciplines involved in renewable energy development. Over the course of her graduate degree, Hannah’s research focused on microgrid development for community resilience and microgrid value chains from an interdisciplinary perspective, particularly in the Caribbean. Her goal is to facilitate creative progress toward a more resilient, clean, and just future through innovative renewable energy solutions with integrity and compassion.