Take charge of your home energy supply.

Backup power keeps your family safe, warm, and plugged in during a power outage.

Backup power is becoming increasingly valuable as power outages become more frequent and last longer. Backup power systems are part of our DNA.

Conventional grid-connected solar systems are not capable of providing power when the grid is down. No grid, no power. We realize that’s often unacceptable.

We offer a variety of backup power system options that work in conjunction with your solar system to keep your home powered when the grid fails.

Our options range in power and storage capacity—from 2,000 watts when the sun is shining to enough power to run your entire home day and night.

Secure Power Supply

A feature of our standard SMA inverter-based solar systems is the Secure Power Supply.

The Secure Power Supply (costing on average $350 – $400) provides up to 2,000 watts of power directly from the solar array to a dedicated outlet or a critical load panel in your home. While this function only works during daylight hours, it requires no batteries and extra inverter.

AC couple battery backup kits

For a greater degree of security and autonomy in the event of grid failures, we offer battery-based systems that work in conjunction with grid-tied solar systems. These kits provide a range of performance that can provide power to select critical loads or to the entire home.


Our systems utilize tried-and-true inverter technology for high performance and reliability.

Our battery options include the highly reliable and affordable lead acid AGM battery from SunXtenderas well as the super safe and high cycle life, lithium-ion battery technology from Blue Planet.

Off-Grid AC Couple Kits

AC coupling is the term for adding a battery-based inverter system to your home’s electrical system which allows it to keep your home and your grid-tie system operational. So it essentially turns your grid-tie only system into a full fledged, off-grid system.

The IPS AC couple kit turns your grid-tied solar system into an independent power system that will keep your house powered when grid power has failed. Strictly grid-tie solar systems are incapable of working when the grid is down. Adding the IPS AC couple kit gives you the peace of mind that you will always have power, no matter what happens to the grid. Using a solar system to provide power when the grid is down has the advantage over a backup generator that it is infrastructure independent; that is, it continues to work even when power lines and fuel delivery services are interrupted.


The IPS kit includes three components: A transfer switch, a battery-based inverter, and a battery bank. The three components are integrated into your home electrical service and work seamlessly with your existing or new solar electrical system. The kit can be installed anywhere but typically is placed in the garage, basement or outdoors.

Upgrade Options:

The kits can be augmented with additional batteries or the addition of a generator.

Battery Expansion:

Adding a battery expansion kit increases energy storage capacity which helps the system to carry loads through the night and during cloudy days.


Adding a generator creates an even more robust backup system by providing a second electrical energy source. The standard kit includes a plug-in for existing portable generators. We are an authorized Kohler Generator dealer and installer and can suggest a complementary model.

Independence from the grid


  • Electrical insurance – never be without power
  • Power your home indefinitely regardless of the condition of the grid
  • Couples with any existing solar system


  • UL Listed equipment
  • Quiet operation
  • No maintenance
  • Eligible for the 30% federal tax credit when purchased with a solar system
  • All kits compatible with generators

AC Couple Kit Models

IPS offers the right-sized kit based on three factors. We will help you determine these and arrive at the optimal system size.

  • Size of your existing or newly installed solar array (DC Rating)
  • Amount of power required for your homes critical loads
  • Amount of energy storage desired



The kit installation price is based on the following standard conditions and includes everything for a National Electrical Code-compliant installation. Installation situations that do not conform to these conditions may incur additional wiring material and associated cost. Installation involves rewiring the house electrical service with a transfer switch and connecting the transfer switch to the AC Couple kit.

Standard Conditions

  • Transfer switch mounted within 1 foot of utility meter
  • Power box unit mounted within 20 feet of transfer switch