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Battery Storage

Protect what’s most important to you and keep the lights on, even when the grid goes out, with best-in-class battery backup systems that can power everything you need.

Tesla Home Powerwall

Sizing Your Solar Battery Bank

Worried about power outages or just looking to back up critical loads? We can size your battery system to ensure you have adequate reserves to meet your energy goals.

Thankfully, our systems provide backup power that is adjustable depending on the size of the inverter, the size of the battery, and more. There is no limit on our battery sizes.

Inverter Options

Our systems pair any inverter option with one of the premium battery technologies below. For inverters, we’re proud to offer the rugged Outback Power Systems Radian line of inverters, which we’ve been working with in our projects for nearly 20 years. With excellent reliability and a virtuous customer interface, the Radian series offers both grid-interactive and stand-alone capabilities in the same package.

Benefits of Backup Solar Batteries

Independent Power partners with premium battery manufacturers like SunPower, Humless, and Rolls Surrette to offer best-in-class energy storage solutions for grid-tied and off-grid applications. Each battery is safe, reliable, and comes in a variety of sizes and capacities to meet your project’s energy needs.

EV Car Charging in Garage

Power when you need it most
Solar panels work during the day, but at night or on cloudy days, the solar batteries provide reserve power.

Lower electricity bills
In areas with time-of-use rates or demand charges, batteries can help save energy during periods of high demand.

Reduced carbon footprint
Solar + storage helps you use more environmentally friendly energy, which means less pollution from fossil fuels.

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