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Enphase Batteries

Our microinverters on the roof, IQ Batteries leverage a distributed architecture to provide maximum reliability. Each solar backup battery includes multiple bidirectional IQ Microinverters to switch energy from DC to AC and back again for safe, reliable operation. So, even if one stops, the power keeps flowing and the lights stay on.

Garage Solar Battery Installation

About home solar

The Enphase IQ Battery 10 all-in-one AC-coupled storage system is reliable, smart, simple, and safe.
It is comprised of three base IQ Battery 3 storage units, has a total usable energy capacity of 10.08 kWh, and twelve embedded grid-forming microinverters with 3.84 kW power rating. It provides backup capability and installers can quickly design the right system size to meet the needs of both new and retrofit solar customers.

Home power solution

How it works

Step 1

We explore and understand your goals to evaluate your energy use with info about your budget and space.

Step 2

We design custom energy solutions for you and share info about financing, tax credits and incentives too.

Step 3

We manage the complete process from premium product installation to local and utility approvals.

house with solar panel on roof


In customer utility savings


Increased energy efficiency through energy storage and technology


Increase in home value after switching to all electric clean energy


Trees planted as the equivalent of an all-electric home that eliminates up to 10 tons of carbon per year

Benefits of powering your home with solar

10 yr warranty:

Durability that allows installation inside and outside. Smart AI software that can be updated via wifi or cellular internet connection.

Best-In-Class Solar Technology:

As SunPower Elite Dealers with Gold Tier pricing, we can offer the best solar available at the most competitive pricing. SunPower solar panels deliver more energy over time than other types of solar panels.

Residential Energy Monitoring Systems:

Homes and businesses with eGauge energy monitoring are protecting their renewable energy investments by monitoring for equipment issues, reducing unnecessary energy costs, and optimizing their energy production. By monitoring your loads, you can identify if certain equipment or electronics are using more energy than you’d like without your knowledge.

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