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Intelligent Energy Storage

The sonnen eco is a fully integrated energy storage system that stores excess solar electricity for use day, night, or even during an outage. The eco battery uses lithium ferrous phosphate (LFP) chemistry and comes in seven different sizes with usable capacities ranging from 5 kWh to 20 kWh (in 2.5 kWh steps). Compared with other types of batteries, LFPs, and more specifically sonnen are known for their safety and reliability, helping you power what’s most important in your life.

Home Battery Technology

Backed by an impressive 10-year or 10,000 cycle warranty, the sonnen eco is a proven battery solution that provides long-lasting energy storage and security. By making your home smarter and more energy-efficient, sonnen helps create home energy resilience and protects against rising utility costs. What’s more, the eco line of batteries boasts a 100% depth-of-discharge capability, an 86% round trip efficiency (grid <> battery), and a projected life cycle up to three times that of the Tesla Powerwall.

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Continuous output: (AC) 3,000 – 8,000 W
Usable capacity: 5 kWh – 20 kWh (in 2.5 kWh steps)
Dimensions (in) W/H/D: 26/57/19 – 26/84/19
Weight (approximate): 394 – 936 lbs
Backup power capability


Certified to UL 9540, UL 1741 (Inverter) and UL 1973 (battery modules) standards and FCC part 15 Class B compliant.


Off-grid output at 25 °C: 3kW – 8kW
On-grid output at 25 °C: 3kW – 7kW

sonnen eco battery


Guaranteed standard lifetime of 10,000 cycles or 10 years.
*Please observe our applicable warranty conditions.


Peak efficiency of Inverter: 95%
Ambient temperatures: 41 – 113 °F
Enclosure rating: NEMA 12
AC specifications: 240 VAC / split phase /
60 Hz

Backup Power for your project 

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We offer sonnen batteries as they are some of the safest, long-lasting battery storage solutions on the market today. Discover the advantages these premium solar batteries bring to your project by starting with a free energy storage estimate. 


Safe, Reliable, Adaptable

Founded in 2010, sonnenBatterie (sonnen) is the leading lithium battery manufacturer in Germany, developing premium lithium iron phosphate batteries renowned for their safety and longevity.  Today, sonnen has become a global leader in energy storage, rivaling both Tesla and LG in the home battery space.  

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sonnen ecolinx

Energy Automation with Ecolinx

The sonnen ecoLinx is your smart home energy automation system, merging clean-tech with high-tech. The ecoLinx pairs with other smart home automations like Nest Thermostats to further optimize your energy management, saving you time, money, and energy. If you live in an area with demand charges or time-of-use utility rates, the sonnen ecoLinx can be particularly beneficial by taking proactive, intelligent steps like pre-cooling your home to avoid peak demand pricing or lowering the shades on a hot day.

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Ecolinx and ecoLinx 30

The sonnen ecoLinx comes in two different models: the ecoLinx and the ecoLinx 30. The ecoLinx 30 boasts an incredible 30 kWh usable capacity, with the smaller ecoLinx model ranging from 12 kWh – 20 kWh of usable capacity (in 2 kWh steps). Like the eco line of batteries, both the ecoLinx and ecoLinx 30 have 100% depth of discharge though the warranty period on the sonnen ecoLinx series is 15 years or 15,000 cycles with a guaranteed end-of-warranty capacity of 65%.


Usable capacity: 12 kWh – 20 kWh (in 2 kWh steps)
Dimensions (in) W/H/D: 26/84/19
Weight (approximate): 724 – 936 lbs
Grid integration: AC coupled
Ambient temperatures: 41 – 113 °F
Enclosure rating: NEMA 12


Continuous output: (AC) 8,000 W
AC specifications: 240 VAC / split phase /
60 Hz
Peak efficiency of inverter: 95%


Off-grid output at 25 °C: 8kW
On-grid output at 25 °C: 7kW

sonnen ecoLinx Battery


Current rating: 200 amps
Transfer time: < 100 milliseconds


Industry leading standard lifetime of 15,000 charge cycles or 15 years.
*Please observe our applicable warranty conditions


Certified to UL 9540, UL 1741 (Inverter) and UL 1973 (battery modules) standards and FCC part 15 Class B compliant.