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Hey, there’s snow on my solar panels!

There are four major factors that affect solar panel performance: 1) length of day,  2) angle of sunlight relative to the solar panel,  3) sunlight intensity and  4) temperature. The more hours of sunlight there are in a day, the more energy the panel produces:...

Energy Independence is What I’m Aiming for!

Independent Power Systems recently installed a battery backup for Colorado customer, Mr. Woodson, who is motivated to ultimately get off fossil fuel-based power from Xcel Energy. Woodson has begun the process by installing a 30kWhr AGM battery and a 6800 watt inverter...

Colorado Back Country Solar Powered Blues

On a recent brilliant Colorado blue sky day, I wended my way back into the hills above the Front Range town of Lyons  … seeking the house of Independent Power Systems customer, Billy Shaddox. The land back here is gorgeous—rounded red rocks, juniper trees, pinyon and...

Gateway Realty Makes Leaf Photosynthetic!

Dan Siddall, broker / owner of Lyons, CO Gateway Realty recently installed a 9.47kW solar system to power the business as well as to use clean renewable energy to charge the company vehicles, a Nissan Leaf and an electric golf cart. This is truly the definition of...

Two Solar Trackers – An Abundant Solar Harvest

Independent Power Systems recently installed a second dual-axis solar tracker for the Millers in Longmont, CO. They now have one of only two dual-axis AllEarth Solar trackers making solar-generated electricity on the Colorado Front Range. What initially motivated you...


Boulder Couple Exemplifies Low-Carbon Lifestyle

Boulder Nissan to Reduce Energy Use from Coal by 65% with Solar and LEDs

Boulder Nissan's switch to renewables will save over 416,000 pounds of CO2 annually.

How to Build a Net Zero Building: Boulder Commons

Uncommonly Green, Innovative and Sets a Benchmark for Sustainable Buildings

Hey, There's Snow on my Solar Panels!

Exploring the major factors that affect solar panel performance

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Let's take a look to see if solar is right for your home or business.

Hannah Capshaw

Business Development and Microgrid Consultant

Hannah's Story

Hannah Capshaw is the Business Development and Microgrid Consultant at Independent Power Systems. She has a Masters degree in Renewable & Sustainable Energy from the University of Colorado Boulder and Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from Baylor University in Waco, Texas. At IPS, she assists in the development of complex microgrid projects and manages marketing activities. She has experience in the legal field, nonprofits, and the solar industry.

After studying abroad at the Iceland School of Energy, she chose to pursue a career in renewable energy and act as a liaison for the various disciplines involved in renewable energy development. Over the course of her graduate degree, Hannah’s research focused on microgrid development for community resilience and microgrid value chains from an interdisciplinary perspective, particularly in the Caribbean. Her goal is to facilitate creative progress toward a more resilient, clean, and just future through innovative renewable energy solutions with integrity and compassion.