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Update on HB394 and HB429

We had great hearings on SB 247 (to raise the net metering cap) and HB 394 (aggregate net metering) this week.  THANK YOU to everyone that participated by calling or emailing legislators or testifying at the hearings!  Unfortunately SB 247 was tabled by the Senate...

Energy Committee to Consider Raising Net Metering Cap

On Tuesday, February 12 the Montana Senate Energy Committee will consider a bill to raise the net metering cap and make several other important updates to the state's net metering laws. The legislature needs to hear your voice on this bill. WHAT THE BILL DOES SB 247,...

Attention Montana! The Latest From MREA

MREA Members--There are two proactive net metering bills up for hearings this week at the Montana Legislature. We need your help to ensure these bills each get a fair hearing. Please Take Action! Aggregate Net Metering Montana’s renewable energy industry and Montana...

Busting Solar Myths: PV is too inefficient

It is a common criticism hurled at solar PV that solar panels are just too inefficient. However, with the wide range of research taking place, from research institutes, to R&D programs from module makers and equipment suppliers, efficiency is always increasing. In...

Tips for Switching to an Electric Vehicle

As battery technology improves and becomes less expensive, fuel efficiency standards take effect, and charging stations are rolled out across the U.S., the prospect of driving an electric vehicle (EV) is becoming more feasible than ever. About 17,000 electric cars...

Solar ITCs deliver positive IRRs to U.S. Government

August 8, 2012 By: Becky Beetz A new analysis of the U.S. federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) claims that both residential and commercial photovoltaic projects supported by the ITC can deliver a nominal 10-per-cent internal rate of return (IRR) to the U.S....

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