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Net-Zero Home: One Step at a Time

David & Emily Takahashi - Boulder, CO Emily and David Takahashi are committed to living a low-carbon lifestyle. In 2012, they moved into their 60-year-old, 900-square-foot Boulder, CO home with the dream of going "off the grid" and cutting the cord. Their first...

Solar is an Art

For as long as artist Jacqueline Rieder Hud can remember, she has been an environmentalist. Respect for nature and the creatures of the Earth has been fundamental to her work and her approach to life. Jacqueline taps into the natural world and Jungian archetypes for...

Hey, there’s snow on my solar panels!

There are four major factors that affect solar panel performance: Length of day Angle of sunlight relative to the solar panel Sunlight intensity Temperature. The more hours of sunlight there are in a day, the more energy the panel produces: Energy = panel power x peak...

How to Build a Net Zero Building: Boulder Commons

For the largest multi-tenant net-zero energy project at a commercially leased building in the United States, IPS was selected to design and install 575 kW of SunPower solar panels, which are integrated on to every available square foot of the roofs and east-facing,...

Colorado Auto Dealers Ride Tax Credits into the Sunset

Federal tax incentives designed to get businesses to convert to solar energy will sunset at the end of 2019—and a new initiative hopes to get as many Colorado dealers onto solar energy as possible before then. The Colorado Solar Project 2020, which will begin its...

Oasis Solar Array in Death Valley California
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Day in and day out we deliver the products and services we would want in our own homes to our clients and customers to help solve their energy challenges. We do this by choosing only the best, safest, and most long-lasting products available to design a system that will continue to perform year after year.