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Project Spotlight: 11.772kW SunPower Rooftop Solar System

In quaint, residential Aurora, CO, this homeowner is enjoying their new SunPower solar system! Thanks to our detail-oriented installers, the panels are aligned perfectly in both of the two arrays. This system will produce 15,779 kWh each year. Specs: Array 1: • (24)...

A decade of running on sunshine

"I am creating the world I want to live in." In 2006 there was a mere 100 kilowatts of grid-tied solar in Colorado. It took the voter passage of Amendment 37 - the nation's first voter-approved Renewable Energy Standard (RES) - to change that. As 2015 comes to a...

Maximizing your Solar Profiltability with Federal Tax Credit

There’s no getting around it -- it’s expensive to slice silicon into really thin pieces and slap them on your roof in such a way to ensure you’ll be generating electricity for decades to come. Solar technology is still fresh and although it’s getting cheaper every...

America’s Cleanest and Dirtiest Energy States

Posted by Modernize Guest Contibutor America’s energy policy has been the subject of much recent debate: From the Pope’s public advocacy of environmental stewardship to the EPA’s toughened regulations on pollution from petroleum refineries, the sources that power our...

Analyzing Solar in Bozeman

Let’s face it, electricity can be confusing. Electrons scooting through copper wires somehow illuminate your closet and charge your iPad. Things can get even more intimidating when you add solar panels into the mix, and you may think you don’t know enough about...

Project Spotlight – SIMMS Fishing Headquarters

The SIMMS Fishing headquarters in Bozeman, MT proudly shows off a 44.35 kW SunPower solar system. The SIMMS Fishing array serves as a symbol of their great respect for the great outdoors. Their production facility and headquarters and since fish depend on a clean...

Project Spotlight: 10.05kW SunPower Rooftop Solar System

It's a cloudy day in the sleepy town of Ipswich, MA and yet another couple has made the switch to renewable energy. With two arrays consisting of a total of 30 panels, they pack a whopping 10.05 kW on their roof. These homeowners strongly shared our belief in the...

Why Solar is Always a Good Investment

Posted by Guest Blogger Mary Sauer The sticker price of the initial cost of installing solar panels for your home or business causes many to hesitate before moving forward. Solar is a large expense initially, but the same is true for various expenses related to your...

Project Spotlight: 11.772 kW SunPower Ground Mount Solar Array

We are excited to announce the debut of this ground mount system in Carlisle, MA! We always love a good challenge and this job certainly kept us on our toes. Congratulations to the owners of this brand new solar array! System Specs: -  (36) SunPower 327 Watt Panels -...

Project Spotlight: 6.21kW SunPower Rooftop Solar System

Blast from the past! We installed this Montana residential solar system in 2010. The happy homeowners have generated thousands of kilowatt-hours from this bad boy. Today, we are able to fit way more power into the same amount of space thanks to innovative SunPower...

Project Spotlight: Trojan Storage

Trojan Storage has gone 100% green with this 41.50 kW Kyocera system. The production and net meters are all installed and the system is turned on and ready to go! This system is composed of (166) 250W Kyocera modules and (3) Fronius Symo Transformerless 12.0 kW...

Grid-Tied Solar Plus Battery

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How to Build a Net Zero Building: Boulder Commons

Uncommonly Green, Innovative and Sets a Benchmark for Sustainable Buildings

Hey, There's Snow on my Solar Panels!

Exploring the major factors that affect solar panel performance

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