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Federal tax incentives designed to get businesses to convert to solar energy will sunset at the end of 2019—and a new initiative hopes to get as many Colorado dealers onto solar energy as possible before then. The Colorado Solar Project 2020, which will begin its statewide launch on April 20, is a collaboration between the… Read More

Get solar on your commercial building, reduce greenhouse emissions, save money, and greatly increase the value of your building. The C-PACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy) program for commercial properties has launched in Boulder county. The program will enable commercial property owners to finance up to 100% of the cost of a solar system (as… Read More

There’s no getting around it — it’s expensive to slice silicon into really thin pieces and slap them on your roof in such a way to ensure you’ll be generating electricity for decades to come. Solar technology is still fresh and although it’s getting cheaper every day, it’s just not as mature as steam turbines… Read More

Want to decrease your operating costs while decreasing your carbon footprint? In this post, we explore the costs and benefits, both financial and environmental, of getting rooftop solar installed for your business. While it’s true that FedEx, Apple, Google, and Costco have all invested in rooftop solar, your business doesn’t have to be a multimillion… Read More

Thinking about investing in a solar PV system, but are unsure whether to buy or lease a solar PV system? We’ve got the facts. Buying or leasing a solar Photovoltaic (PV) system is strikingly similar to buying or leasing a car, except that a bought solar PV system actually adds value to your home. The costs:… Read More

Brownfields are sites which have been previously contaminated, frequently making them more expensive to clean up than they are worth. Oftentimes, the EPA designates certain brownfield sites as Superfund sites, providing assistance in site cleanup. For example, the Maywood Superfund site in Indianapolis site was cleaned up with the help of the EPA. Then it… Read More