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Electrical Services

If you are faced with an electrical issue, such as bringing your electricity up to code or upgrading your home and are unsure how to solve it, look no further!

Independent Power and Windward Electric have merged as the leading experts in both renewable and electric energy to “power it up” and “keep it on.”

Good Signs You’ve Found a Reputable Electrician

Independent Power and Windward Electric have joined forces with a commitment to quality service that is both professional and timely. We are local electricians who have served the Boulder area for almost a decade.

We are proud to have a reputation for value, integrity and courtesy. We promise to show up on time, come within quoted budgets, keep our customers informed and clean up when we are done as your local electricians.


Residential and Commercial Electrical

We understand the importance of having a safe, functional electrical system in your home or business, which is why we take the time to explain each step of the wiring process to our customers.

Independent Power + Windward Electric

With a commitment to timely, quality, professional service, we are a locally owned and operated group of professional electricians.

Super Service Award Recipient

We are proud to have earned, for the fourth year in a row, the Super Service Award through Angies List! This honor is bestowed only upon the top 5% of our service industry.

EV Car Charging in Garage

Our electrical services include:

EV car in nature as symbol for clean environment.

EV Chargers

With an electric vehicle, you can save money on maintenance and fuel costs, help save the environment, and reclaim your energy independence with a smooth, powerful ride every time you drive.

Close up EV Charge Components

Main Panel Upgrades

Main panel upgrades replace an old or inadequate electrical panel to handle your modern appliances. This is often necessary to ensure outdated wiring and electrical systems meet modern safety standards.

Smart Panel

Smart Panel Upgrades

If your home needs an energy-boosting upgrade to power your day to day, consider installing a span smart panel. These panels empower you to consistently and constantly monitor consumption levels for complete visibility of your power usage.

Span Smart Home interior with panel

Electrical Remodeling

Depending on the age of your home, your residential property may need to be updated to comply with electrical codes and the increased demand of new appliances or equipment. As your needs within your home change, outlets may need to be added or moved to more convenient places. Frequently, electrical wiring must be replaced and upgraded if it has suffered some damage with time.

Outdoor shot of Span Home Yard

New Construction

From light boxes to electrical panels, cables, wires and voltage systems, the list seems endless. New construction wiring is definitely one of the most crucial phases of a new build, because the wiring runs throughout the entire house — walls, ceilings, and sometimes floors — to power all that you do. Almost all of your devices depend on electricity today. So it’s important to install things correctly, the first time.

induction range conversion, close up of pot on stove

Induction Range Conversion

Converting an induction range to electric offers improved energy efficiency, faster heating and precise temperature control. Electric ranges do not require gas connections or ventilation, making them a safer, more convenient, healthier option.

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