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Electrical Services Offered

If you are faced with an electrical issue, such as bringing your electric up to code upgrading your home with electric energy and are unsure how to solve it, look no further! Independent Power and Windward Electric have merged as the leading expert in both renewable and electric energy to “power it up” and “keep it on.”

Smart Garage

Our solar services include:

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Main Panel Upgrades

Main panel upgrades replace an old or inadequate electrical panel to handle your modern appliances. This is often necessary to ensure outdated wiring and electrical systems meet modern safety standards.

Span House

Smart Panel Upgrades

Wallbox specializes in electric vehicle charging solutions with range of chargers for home, business and public use. Their products include the Pulsar Plus, a compact and stylish charger that can charge an electric vehicle up to six times faster than a standard wall outlet.

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Electrical Remodeling

As your house ages, it’s vital to have your outlets inspected by a professional. To avoid any electric malfunction and wiring breaks, electrical remodeling and replacement become essential at some point — often sooner than you’d think.

New Construction

From lightboxes to electrical panels, cables, wires, and voltage systems, the list seems endless. New construction wiring is definitely one of the most crucial phases of a new build, because the wiring runs throughout the entire house — walls, ceilings, and sometimes floors — to power all that you do. Almost all of your devices depend on electricity today. So it’s important to install things correctly, the first time.

Induction Range Conversion

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