Revolutionary every minute.

Electric vehicles are an engaging transportation choice and complete the package for a solar powered home.

Electric vehicles offer the ultimate in transportation independence.  Independence from volatile gasoline and diesel fuel prices, independence from reliance on fuel stations, independence from relying on the petroleum industry, freedom from polluting, and freedom from foreign dependence.

And the ultimate freedom is an electric car that is powered by your home solar system.  This way you own and control your fuel source and therefore your very transportation!

We even offer EV charging station discounts when installed at the same time as a solar system!

We offer EV charging station installations and the most efficient solar panels available (Sunpower @ 20% module level efficiency, 24% cell level efficiency).  Typical standard efficiency modules are only as high as 17% efficiency. This difference in efficiency translates to needing from 30% to 50% more roof space.  Installing the most efficient panels results in the maximum utilization of your solar-exposed roof space which is often required in order to be able to fully offset a typical homes normal electrical usage AND charge an electric car.  An electric car can consume as much electrical energy as an entire household depending on amount of driving.

We offer the following EV charging stations and will install any other system you choose: