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If you are considering a solar power system in Montana and have been researching your options, the name SunPower is very likely going to come up (if it hasn’t already). SunPower is a solar panel manufacturer based out of California that has earned a reputation over its thirty-five-plus-year history for producing some of the longest-lasting and highest-quality solar panels on the market.

SunPower has maintained its advantage today as the manufacturer’s latest generation of solar panels surpasses all other competing panels in terms of durability and efficiency. The unparalleled energy production, reliability, and sleek aesthetic of SunPower panels have made them a popular offering for solar dealers worldwide. Many, including Independent Power , recommend SunPower panels at every opportunity because they objectively are the best there is.


The only way to get SunPower solar panels installed on your home or business is through a dealer that is certified by SunPower to sell and install their products. This requirement limits the solar installers to choose from but also provides a quality assurance filter as SunPower requires its dealers to install the equipment in order to uphold the systems’ industry-leading 25-year warranty. In order to obtain authorization from SunPower, a solar dealer must first be vetted, meet certain customer satisfaction criteria, and receive specific training in their products.

SunPower has a website you can use to find certified dealers in your area. We can save you a little time though, because if you are searching Montana zip codes, then the only response will be Independent Power . We are currently the only certified SunPower dealer operating in the state.

Also, for perceptive readers who spotted that Montana is not filled in on the map above, we noticed too. Rest assured, Independent Power is available to provide residential and commercial solar services to Montana communities. Our headquarters may be in Colorado, but we maintain a very active presence in Montana through our Bozeman office. In fact, IPS started installing solar systems in Big Sky Country way back in 1996, making us one of the oldest and most experienced solar installers in the state.


The certified dealer process ensures that a chosen dealer will properly install SunPower products, and solar panel owners will get the industry-leading performance they paid for. Several other major solar panel manufacturers like Panasonic and LG have similar dealer requirements, but most solar panel producers do not.

Not all SunPower certified dealers are created equal either. SunPower uses a tiered certification system with a base status of Authorized Dealer, then Elite Dealer, and finally Master Dealer status. There is also a Commercial certification for dealers that are authorized to use SunPower in large commercial installations.

Earning a higher certification status requires extensive training and more rigorous customer satisfaction scores. Independent Power is proud to have earned SunPower Elite Dealer status since 2009 for both residential and commercial installations.


The time you spend now researching SunPower dealers and obtaining solar quotes will be well worth it when you get the best possible solar installation, especially because SunPower solar panels have a predicted usable life of 40 years. If you live in Bozeman, Billings, Butte, or other surrounding cities and have questions about the feasibility of solar for your home or business in Montana, give our solar experts a call at (303) 443-0115 or request a free quote today. We also have a great article on everything you need to know to go solar in Montana!