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Break free from rising energy bills and the traditional grid. Our seasoned team designs, builds, installs, and services solar power systems for your unique needs.

The Independent Power Difference


We are deeply rooted in this community, with over 25 years of local expertise. We understand the unique challenges of this climate, the intricacies of building codes, the expectations of inspectors, and even the rebates available. We can navigate these complexities with ease, ensuring you a smooth and reliable transition to energy independence.


As industry leaders, we offer a fully integrated solution for a modern, electric home. From advanced solar panels to battery storage, heat pumps, and electrical upgrades, we have everything you need to power your life.


Our goal is to provide you with easy, advanced solutions that align with your lifestyle and budget. We design a personalized roadmap to transform your home or business into sustainable, renewable energy hubs, ensuring a lasting impact on your wallet and energy consumption.

Our solar services include:

Home with solar panels installed

Home Solar

Save money, boost property value and ensure a healthy home with premium solar panel designed to last for the next 25+ years.

Outdoor Solar Panel Installation

Off-Grid Solar

Power anything, anywhere from country cabins to remote water pumps with robust, off-grid solar and energy storage solutions.

Off Grid Solar Panels in Snowy Mountains

Solar Microgrid

Generate and store power that’s “islanded” from the grid to keep the lights on, especially for life-saving hospitals and fire stations.

Remote Solar Panel Installation in Field

Ground Mounts

Harness the power of solar even without a rooftop with either a strong rack or pole-supported ground-mount system.

Overhead photo of solar installation on Denver Beer Company

Business Solar

Save money on energy bills, reduce operating costs and showcase your commitment to sustainability with custom clean energy.

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