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Expert Solar Installation for Your Residence

Discover how you can save on energy bills and reduce pollution with our reliable, modern solar solutions. Transform sunlight into savings with a custom solar system designed for you.

Home Solar Systems

Start saving money today by reducing or eliminating your monthly utility bills. For the lifetime of your system, you will pay less for clean, renewable solar energy than you would for ever-more expensive power from utility companies.

How it works


We explore and understand your goals to evaluate your energy use with info about your budget and space.


We design custom energy solutions for you and share info about financing, tax credits and incentives too.


We manage the complete process from premium product installation to local and utility approvals.

$12 trillion

Saved switching from oil, coal and gas to renewable energy worldwide by 2050


Increased energy efficiency through energy storage and technology


Increase in home value after switching to all electric clean energy


Trees planted as the equivalent of an all-electric home that eliminates up to 10 tons of carbon per year

Home Solar Made Easy

Premium Products

Our premier solar panels deliver more energy over time than other types. The panels we select produce up to 60% more energy from the same space over 25 years than conventional panels. With the industry’s best 25-year warranty, we stand behind products and build systems to last.

Best-In-Class Installation

Since 1996, Independent Power has helped homeowners upgrade their homes with renewable energy. Our customers want the best of the best, so our team of master electricians, designers and installers creates custom energy solutions built to last.

Ready to Go Solar!

We’re your local and independent expert solar panel installers.