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Why Drive Electric?

With an electric vehicle, you can save money on maintenance and fuel costs, help save the environment, and reclaim your energy independence with a smooth, powerful ride every time you drive.

EV car in nature as symbol for clean environment.

Electric vehicles are more affordable than ever before

The future of transportation is electric, and it’s here. With more than 100 electric models now commercially available, over two million Americans have switched to driving electric. Electric vehicles are better for air quality, the environment and your budget. On average, the cost to fuel a car with electricity is 60% less than gas.

Our Independent Power team is happy to help you find the best incentives and hardware to bring the benefits of EVs to your home or business.

EV Charging Tax Credit

The US federal EV charging tax credits for residential customers offers homeowners 30% of the cost of hardware and installation. We expect it to be reinstated in the near future. The tax credit is for the installation of charging infrastructure, and is capped at $1,000 for residential customers.

Electric Vehicle Tax Credit

The federal EV tax credit for manufacturers offers a tax credit of up to $7,500 for your new EV, depending on battery size with a minimum of 7 kilowatt hours. Previously owned electric vehicles (also known as “used vehicles”) are eligible for a tax credit too.

EV on a snowy road

How it works

Save Money

Electric vehicles are more affordable to operate and maintain than gas-guzzling cars. See the savings increase, especially when you charge your EV with solar power and take advantage of tax credits and rebates to make the switch.

Save the Environment

Transportation is the single largest contributor of greenhouse gases in the US. Driving electric lessens your dependency on dirty fossil fuels and helps transition the nationwide grid from coal and gas to renewable energy.

Reclaim Energy Independence

When you charger your vehicle with solar power, you you can get where you need to go with power from the sun, generated locally, and stop sending money to dirty, polluting oil companies.

Get started!

Let’s create your clean-energy future to start saving money today.