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At Independent Power (aka Independent Power , aka IPS), it is an honor to provide top-notch solar systems here in beautiful Colorado, and as a result, our clients refer their neighbors, friends, and family to get solar with us too. We want to help everyone who wants solar to get it, whether they live in the city or in the mountains. We want to help your social circle and your community change the world with the clean energy transition, and save money from rising utility rates while doing it! We need your help getting connected and making sure your friends and family can get solar from a local and reliable company.

Shortly after your solar is installed, your neighbors will notice when they walk by and your friends or family will ask how it works when they come over to your holiday dinner. Maybe you had lunch with a colleague who is interested in solar and doesn’t know where to begin. You are in a great position to talk about what you know and inspire them to go solar! We’ve put together some helpful hints and examples of what you need to do to help your people go solar and get paid for your good deed. Want to make $2,000? Follow these tips to find out.

What is Referring?

Giving a positive word-of-mouth recommendation or a review is good, but it is different from referring, which is where you connect your friend/family/neighbor directly to the solar consultant and the solar company gives you money that would have otherwise gone towards marketing. Not everyone knows how to refer their people to the solar experts, so let us tell you the #1 best way…

Send an email introducing both your referral and your solar consultant on the same email.

That’s it! You can sit back and let them go from there, knowing that you are qualified to receive a referral bonus if they move forward, your solar consultant is happy to help someone else go solar, and your referrals can get all their questions answered with a custom solar proposal. If they like what they see and decide to go solar… Congratulations, you will get $500 or $750 for referring them to us! All because of one email introduction. Referral payments are paid to you once their solar is installed a few months later. Here are some helpful tips to help keep in mind.

Helpful Tips:

  • Introduce both your friend/family/neighbor and your solar consultant on the same email. This way, everyone is on the same page.
  • Remember, you are the experienced matchmaker and your trust instantly helps both parties feel comfortable working together. This should be fun and easy!
  • Including more information (name, address, phone) is helpful and can speed up the process – since we need this information anyways to design a solar system.
  • Keep in mind that everyone is different and requires a customized solar solution to best fit their needs. Everybody’s house, annual energy usage, and goals are unique to them.
  • The more people you refer, the better chance you have to see them go solar… and more money you make! Scroll through your phone contacts and see who is interested.
  • Be a solar advocate, a referral champion, and help others join you in leading an energy independent future!

How to Earn $2,000

Independent Power pays you $500 for the first person you refer, and $750 for everyone else you refer after that. All you have to do is refer 3 people who go solar before you get to $2,000 and some good karma for helping save the planet! See how it works here:

  • $500 for referring Friend #1
  • $750 for referring Family #2
  • $750 for referring Neighbor #3
  • $2,000 Total

And it doesn’t have to stop there! Know someone down the street or in a different city, a mountain home, or at your work? Below are some examples of how to refer people you know:

Example #1:

Hi Andrew –
I want to introduce you to my friend, name (CC’d), who is looking at solar for their house in Fort Collins. He/She has gotten solar quotes from some national companies, but wants to look at a good local company. I told them you were great to work with and to get a quote from you. Their phone number is (xxx) xxx-0001, and they said you can give them a call. Thank you!

– Luke

Example #2:

Hi Phil –
We love our solar system on our house! My company business name is talking about adding solar to our building in Boulder, can you help us with that? Our property manager, name (CC’d on this email), can send you all the Xcel utility bills for you to design a system. We would like to know all the solar incentives that we qualify for. Hopefully this works out and we can achieve our goal of being a sustainable business!

– Erin

Example #3:

Hi Dan –
My neighbor, name (CC’d), here in Bozeman was asking me about our new solar system and I told him you can help.

– Steve

Example #4:

Hi Robin –
My parents, names (CC’d), have a family property in the mountains and want to install some solar & batteries – we love the idea of it being energy independent when the power goes out. The address is ____, it is grid-tied, the utility is PVREA, and it has a sunny roof now that some trees were removed. I’ve attached a utility bill below, it looks like we use about 7,000 kWh/year. Can you connect with them and see what we can do? Their number is (xxx) xxx-0001. Thanks!

– Julie

These templates illustrate just how easy it is to send a quick introduction email, which will qualify you for the referral bonus! It can be short and sweet, or include helpful details. Feel free to use them to help get your email introduction started. So as more of your referrals decide to add solar – thanks to you – you will soon be making some serious cash to put towards your next vacation! It’s truly a win-win!