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Independent Power (IPS) is proud to now offer innovative battery solutions from the Humless line of energy storage systems (ESS), including the Humless 5 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery, the Humless 10/4 home battery backup, and more. Power what’s most important in your life with scalable, reliable home batteries from Humless, installed by our energy storage experts at IPS.


With so many different solar panel and inverter options on the market, it can be challenging to create a battery system that is both efficient and reliable, especially if you didn’t plan for a backup to your solar power system when it was first installed. Thankfully, the good folks over at Humless spent a great deal of time removing the complexity from this process by designing its Universal line of home batteries, capable of automatically recognizing and pairing with inverters making energy storage retrofits easy and cost-effective.

At the heart of each Humless Universal battery system is the Universal 8.5 Control box that works with any 48-volt battery chemistry. The Universal can handle both AC and DC coupling from solar PV simultaneously, meaning AC coupled inverters can be used off the grid.

The Universal is a complete control system with intelligent energy software, breakers, fuses, and a built-in MPPT for DC charging, which also includes generator auto-start, load shaving, and many other features. The Universal control solution comes complete with self protections, advanced control systems, a built-in generator 2-wire auto-start feature, and will pair with any 48V battery bank above 300A. This unit is fully stackable for larger output if needed.


The Humless 5 kWh battery combines superior lithium-iron technology with a built-in Battery Management System (BMS) to provide optimal home battery storage complete with advanced protection from over-discharge, over-current, short circuit, and temperature variations. Each battery measures 17″ x 16.625″ x 8.75″ and boasts an estimated 4,000+ cycle lifespan making it one of the longest-lasting lithium batteries on the market today.

Lighter and more compact than traditional lead-acid batteries, the Humless 5 kWh battery is ideal in both off-grid and grid-tied applications thanks to its safe, non-toxic lithium-iron chemistry. Traditional lead-acid chemistries suffer from “memory” issues that degrade charge capacity over time. If not recharged, they may lose significant charge without even being used. LiFePO4 batteries have far fewer memory issues and hold a charge better over time. The lithium-iron chemistry also means the Humless 5 kWh batteries are sealed with no off-gassing and require no maintenance.



“We’ve worked hard to perfect this energy storage product,” states Glenn Jakins, CEO for Humless, in a press release. “Our product testing has been rigorous to assure that we provide the longest life, safest, and most reliable energy for a residential, emergency, or commercial use. We have minimized battery cycling and operating temperatures while maximizing depth of discharge (DoD) and the greatest universal compatibility.”

Compared to other lithium chemistries, lithium-iron batteries also have the advantage of being more chemically stable and do not run the risk of combustion or rupturing under most operating and storage conditions. Humless batteries also use no rare earth or toxic metals and employ commonly available materials like copper and iron, making them more environmentally-friendly than other battery storage solutions available.

The 5 kWh batteries are stackable up to 14 units (70 kWh) and can be stored in the convenient Humless Power Tower, a rolling storage box designed to hold four Humless 5 kWh batteries. Sold separately, the Power Tower includes heavy-duty casters, locking doors, and convenient cable pass-throughs and access panels. It is equipped with a standard racking system, three adjustable shelves, and a busbar plate.





The Universal 10/4 is the smallest home battery backup in the Universal line, perfect for small homes and essential loads. This home solar battery system features 10 kWh of lithium (LiFePO4) battery storage, a 3.4 kW (4 kVa) premium inverter, remote monitoring, and is stackable up to 2 units. This system is an excellent power backup for home essential loads like lights, freezer, refrigerator, and outlets. It is also easily expandable and capable of simultaneous AC/DC Coupling (from solar PV).

Like other batteries in the Universal line, the Universal 10/4 can be easily retrofitted to any existing solar power system. Retrofitting an existing array is as easy as running the AC and/or DC lines into the Humless Home System.

With the Humless Universal 10/4, you can now load shift, export to the grid, and have a system that works when the power goes out. When your neighbors may find themselves searching for candles and blankets during an outage, you’ll have peace of mind and control over your power thanks to this intelligent battery.



High-quality and built to last, the Universal 20/8.5 is 20 kWh of lithium battery storage (four batteries) capable of providing enough power to take a cabin completely off-grid or power a residential home’s critical loads for an extended period of time. The Universal 20/8.5 is the middle size in the Universal battery line and includes a 6.8 kW inverter, charge controller, battery management system, and LCD screen system monitoring.

The Universal 20/8.5 can also AC/DC couple from solar PV simultaneously, meaning an AC coupled solar inverter can be between 4,000-8,500 Watts depending on the AC inverter type chosen. On the DC-coupled array, you can also add up to 3,500 watts of solar PV, allowing for a large array size if you’re looking to expand or retrofit to an existing PV system.

With the power to load shift and export to the grid, a high-quality house battery backup like the Universal 20/8.5 gives you peace of mind when the power goes out. This whole house battery backup does everything you need an ESS to do.

Humless universal


The next size up in the Universal line, the Universal 30/8.5 is essentially the middle-sized Universal battery plus a little extra battery storage added. This system features 30 kWh of lithium battery storage (six batteries), an 8.5 kVA (6.8 kW) premium inverter, remote monitoring, and is stackable. This system breaks into larger energy storage and includes two extra expansion slots to expand the battery storage up to 35-40 kWh later on if desired.

At 30 kWh, the Universal 30/8.5 can take the average residential home fully off the grid. If paired with solar and/or a generator, the hybrid solar system will store and provide a nearly endless power supply.



Going off-grid has never been easier thanks to the Humless 6.5 home battery bank. Built with tiny homes and smaller houses in mind, this whole house battery bank features a 3 kW inverter, charge controller, battery management system, and LCD system monitoring touch screen display. The Home Series comes fully ready for the grid, solar, and wind charging and has the ability to incorporate net metering and handle peak load shifting as well.

Some technical details about the Humless Home 6.5 Battery Backup include:

  • 2,500+ cycle life
  • Battery capacity: 6.5 kWh
  • Safe, non-toxic lithium battery
  • Easy to use battery management system
  • Eco-friendly energy storage
  • Max efficiency: 92% (> 70% Load)
  • Integrated AC & DC controllers

Home battery humless


Humless prides itself on building energy storage systems that are durable and designed to last. Located in Lindon, Utah, the innovative battery manufacturer continuously tests new hardware and software to stay one step ahead of battery storage to help build a long-lasting clean energy future for us all.

Humless is fueling the evolution of home and commercial power management and the way contractors offer it. With Humless Universal Energy Management (UEM), installers can connect any brand of panels, inverters, and batteries into one seamless, scalable system. Humless applies commercial micro-grid thinking for the residential market, as well as for commercial customers seeking systems for securing the most cost-effective flow of electricity – on or off-grid.


Ready to discover the safe, reliable battery backups from Humless for yourself? Get a free quote from one of our solar+storage experts to see which system works best. Whether you’re looking to back up a few critical loads in your home or wanting to ditch the grid entirely, Independent Power is here to help you navigate the complex world of battery storage. Fill out the form below to receive a free estimate on a Humless home battery backup system.