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Independent Power (IPS) has been recognized on Solar Power World Magazine’s 2020 Top Solar Contractors list, ranking 77th in the nation on the exclusive Top Solar+Storage Installers list and 292nd in the overall rankings. In total, IPS installed more than 1.3 megawatts (MW) of solar last year, bringing its cumulative installation numbers to over 16.3 MW installed since the company’s founding in 1996 over multiple markets, including Colorado, Massachusetts, and Montana.

“Not very long ago, the industry was measuring kilowatts to determine growth and success,” said Tony Boniface, Founder, and CEO of Independent Power . “Now everyone is showing megawatt-sized numbers, so that is a testament to how fast solar is being deployed. It’s beyond exciting!”

“I’m not one to judge us by where we sit with respect to others on this list because what it’s showing is a fundamental shift in how this country prioritizes its energy needs. Solar and renewables are growing, so our standing in the list is somewhat superfluous. It’s just great to see how much solar is being added across the board and to be recognized as part of the solution. I am impressed by how much solar a lot of these companies can install, given the inherent challenges of the trade. Kudos to all!”


The Top Solar Contractors list is developed each year by Solar Power World to honor the work of solar installers big and small. Solar firms in the utility, commercial, and residential markets are ranked by a number of kilowatts installed in the previous year. Companies are grouped and listed by specific services (developers, electrical subcontractors, EPCs, installation subcontractors, rooftop installers), markets, and states.

“The Solar Power World team is so pleased to highlight more than 400 companies on the 2020 Top Solar Contractors list, especially during this unprecedented time,” said Kelsey Misbrener, senior editor of Solar Power World. “All contractors featured on the 2020 list reported strong 2019 installation numbers and are continuing to stand tall this year.”


This year’s collection of Top Solar Contractors is facing obstacles that the industry has never seen before, as well as a few familiar challenges and threats to key solar programs. The first quarter of 2020 was the country’s biggest ever, with 3.6 gigawatts of new solar capacity added. But COVID-19 impacts showed their force in Q2, and Wood Mackenzie is forecasting residential and non-residential markets will see 25% and 38% decreases in year-over-year installation volumes this year.

Thankfully, IPS and other solar contractors are continuing to innovate and persevere through this turbulent time, and are taking the necessary steps and precautions to limit the spread of COVID-19. Although coupling solar and battery backups is nothing new for IPS, the company and well over a third of this year’s Top Solar Contractor’s were featured for including energy storage in their offerings, demonstrating a commitment to meeting customer demand for resilience and a willingness to expand and adapt to changing markets.

“The renewables industry has been interesting to watch during the economic crash that resulted from COVID-19,” said Hannah Capshaw, Solar+Storage Consultant at IPS. “Renewables always tend to push through strongly during tough economic times. Green jobs have shown to ultimately be thriving during this time and it seems like the world is asking, ‘How can we do things differently than before? How can we be more sustainable and resilient?’ and we can help with that. At IPS, we strive to build systems that will outlive and outperform other solutions. This design value of ours is exactly what people are looking for right now. We have had more inquiries for battery backups during this time than ever before. Homeowners and business owners are looking to be more resilient and self-sufficient using products that will serve them for decades to come.”

In addition to its residential and off-grid solar and energy storage projects completed in 2019, IPS also continued to expand its commercial solar portfolio, installing systems large and small on commercial structures, including a 369 kW solar carport for a Colorado auto dealership and several systems on nonprofits in Montana.

About Independent Power

Independent Power is an award-winning, Boulder-based solar installer and SunPower Elite Dealer serving customers in Colorado, Massachusetts, and Montana. Since 1996, IPS has designed and installed thousands of robust, resilient energy systems for residential, commercial, and off-grid customers worldwide.

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Solar Power World is the leading online and print resource for news and information regarding solar installation, development, and technology. Since 2011, SPW has helped U.S. solar contractors — including installers, developers, and EPCs in all markets — grow their businesses and do their jobs better.

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