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Take control of your energy use with the new SunPower® SunVaultTM Battery Solution, now available from Independent Power .

Powered by safe lithium iron phosphate battery packs and an advanced battery inverter, SunVaultTM Storage integrates seamlessly with your high-efficiency SunPower solar system to power your home with clean solar energy and store any excess for when you need it most. With twice the power of conventional solar storage systems, SunVaultTM Storage ensures you’ll be able to run more appliances and keep the lights on during an outage.


During the day, while it’s sunny, your solar panels will generate electricity, which can be used to power your home and charge the SunVaultTM Battery. In the evenings or during peak pricing times, SunVaultTM Storage can provide battery power, lowering your energy demand from the grid and saving you money on monthly electricity bills.

SunVaultTM Storage owners can quickly customize their energy use and comfort by choosing the connected appliances they want to be powered by the battery backup in the event of an outage. Using the mySunPowerTM app, owners can also set reserve power and cycle through any one of three operating modes:

Self-Supply mode: Maximize your solar usage by charging the battery during the day and using the stored energy at night.

Reserve mode: Store 100% of your battery power for a possible outage.

Cost Savings mode: Use the battery to limit your use of grid energy during peak demand times when it’s most expensive. When the battery is depleted, your home will seamlessly shift back to grid power.

Note: the SunVaultTMStorage system is designed to charge solely from solar energy and cannot be charged directly from the grid. When in Self-Supply mode or Cost Savings mode, the SunVaultTM Battery will automatically charge at the optimal time based on local rates, so long as excess solar energy is available.

Single Battery



SunVaultTM Storage is comprised of two boxes, the advanced energy storage system, which stores solar energy for maximum efficiency, and the Hub+™ (the brains behind this system). The Hub+™ houses backed-up circuits and controls for your solar + storage system for optimal performance and seamless switching between grid-supplied and battery backup power.

Additionally, the SunVaultTM features an LED panel for up-to-date information about system status, energy use, and in-app alerts. You can also manage system settings and view real-time performance information, including how much energy remains, via the SunPower monitoring app.


System specifications for the SunVaultTM Battery are as follows:

  • Continuous Power: 6.8 kW
  • Rated Energy Capacity: 13 kWh / 26 kWh
  • Energy Storage System Dimensions (in) W/H/D: 26 x 63 x 15
  • Hub+™ Dimensions (in) W/H/D: 17 x 46 x 6 (surface mount)
  • Seamless transition to backup and back to the grid
  • Connectivity: Ethernet, WiFi, and cellular
  • 10-year warranty



The SunVaultTM Battery is unique in that it seamlessly integrates with your SunPower Equinox® solar system, creating the only complete home solar + storage solution designed and warrantied by a single company—SunPower.

Enjoy peace of mind with an industry-leading 10-year warranty on SunVaultTM Storage as part of SunPower’s Complete Confidence Warranty. SunPower is the only company that stands behind your entire system—panel, inverter, racking, and monitoring, so you never have to worry about which manufacturer to contact if there’s an issue.


We’re proud to be a SunPower Elite Dealer and one of the first solar companies in the nation to offer the innovative new SunPower SunVaultTM Storage System. Give us a call today or fill out the free quote form below to start saving with an innovative and intelligent SunVaultTM Battery.