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Bozeman’s Premier Provider of Solar & Battery Storage

Independent Power was built in the backcountry and founded in Bozeman. We are your local, full-service solar, and battery storage company with an in-house, certified team who customizes every renewable energy design.

Since 1996, we have utilized cutting-edge technologies to assist our customers in achieving energy independence in challenging locations, from high above treelines in national parks and military bases to numerous homes and businesses.

Our Services Include:

Solar Panels installed on roof overlooking mountains

Home Solar

Harness the sun’s power to energize your home and enjoy significant cost savings with our tailored solar energy solutions created to meet your specific demands.

Montana Solar Cabin

Off-Grid Solar

Experience the freedom of powering anything, anywhere with our reliable off-grid solar and energy storage solutions. From remote mountain cabins to distant agricultural water pumps, our technology is built to keep you connected. 

Outdoor Solar Panel Installation

Ground Mounts

Discover the ultimate solution to harness solar power, even if your property lacks the space, ideal orientation, or structural capacity for rooftop panels. Our innovative ground mount systems are designed to optimize sunlight exposure, ensuring maximum energy efficiency and savings. Enjoy ground-mounted solar’s flexibility and superior performance, providing a powerful energy solution tailored to your unique needs.

Photos of solar panel installation

Business Solar

With a custom solar system designed specifically for your business, you can cut your energy bills, lower operating costs, and showcase your dedication to sustainability. Our advanced solar solutions provide exceptional efficiency and reliability, empowering your company to achieve substantial savings and energy independence.

Tesla Home Powerwall

Battery Storage

Safeguard your home and ensure uninterrupted power with our advanced battery storage solutions. Our systems provide reliable energy, keeping your lights on and essential devices running even during grid outages. Protect what matters most: your loved ones and property.

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Independent Power Truck

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