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Independent Power Systems of Bozeman, Montana


Independent Power Systems is a Bozeman, Montana solar electrical contractor founded in 1996. Our mission is to provide the most reliable and high-performance solar power system installations to our Bozeman customers and the surrounding communities within Montana.

Led by Montana Master Electrician and founder, Tony Boniface, our designs and solar installation methods blend innovation with tried and true technologies to provide robust solar systems. As the only authorized SunPower dealer in the state of Montana, we are uniquely able to provide the most efficient and longest-warrantied solar systems commercially available.


Our experience spans the design and installation of thousands of solar energy power systems for both residential and commercial projects. No matter your needs, we have the best solar contractor experts. Our expert solar installers can implement a customized solar install for a traditional grid tie-in. If your needs require a completely off-the-grid solution, IPS of Bozeman, Montana should be your first choice considering our extensive knowledge of off-grid design and implementation.


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  • Residential solar power systems
  • Commercial solar power systems
  • Solar backup power systems
  • Generator backup power systems
  • Off-grid solar power systems
  • Off-grid wind power systems
  • Battery backup power systems
  • Solar water pumping systems



  • First solar electric, distributed, net-metered system in Montana state (Montana Power Company), 1999
  • First proof of concept, multi-residential (24 units), net-metered, remotely monitored residential solar system design and installation across NorthWestern Energy service range, 2000
  • Bozeman Montana Community Food Cooperative solar system, 2003
  • Bozeman Montana Public Library, solar net metered public system, 2005
  • Simms Fishing, 50kW solar net metered commercial system, 2012
  • Power Tower, solar-wind hybrid net metered, off-grid for Whitehall High School Education, 2013
  • Fergus Electric Utility, 135kW membership owned, net billed solar systems, 2017
  • Recipient of the most NorthWestern solar energy grants since the beginning of the grant program
  • Help found the Montana Renewable Energy Association



  • Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks
  • Nation Center for Appropriate Technologies
  • Montana State University
  • Fergus Electric Utility Cooperative
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • United States Navy
  • US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Simms Fishing
  • Yellowstone Club Approved

MEMBERSHIPS  – Independent Power Systems is a member of the Montana Renewable Energy Association (MREA)




Lock in your electric rates while choosing a sound, environmentally viable power source. Turn your sunny roof or backyard into a maintenance-free and highly reliable electrical power plant that will fix the electrical energy costs of your home or business for 40 years and more saving up to tens of thousands of dollars.




Power your remote home or business independently of the grid using solar, with the possible addition of wind and propane fuel. Regardless of your location, we can provide you an electrical power source that will keep your home, business, or bunker powered indefinitely.




Take control of your power and provide ‘electrical insurance’ for your grid-powered home or business and never worry about losing power again. Our battery based systems utilize grid, solar and generator power to keep your house powered up despite any duration grid outage.


Advantages of our backup power systems:


  • Power quality better than the utility can deliver
  • Never suffer from utility power outages
  • Become unaffected by utility problems or rate hikes
  • Use the free and abundant energy from your property


Independent Power Systems of Bozeman, Montana


  • Bozeman solar contractor
  • Bozeman solar company and licensed electrical solar contractor
  • Bergey Windpower dealer
  • Kohler generator dealer with factory certified technician on staff
  • SunPower Elite dealer


2430 N 7th Ave #6,
Bozeman, MT 59715
P: 406.587.5295