Power for everything under the sun.

Off grid power gives you the freedom to live comfortably wherever you choose to go.

Off-grid power systems bring you the full convenience of grid power without the need for power lines and without the never-ending electrical bills and uncertain reliability. Off-grid power systems offer you the ultimate degree of independence. We have been designing and installing off-grid power systems for almost two decades and pride ourselves on providing state-of-the-art solutions that are tried-and-true and that maximize your investment and will deliver the greatest reliability.

Independent Power Systems designs and installs off-grid electrical power systems that utilize state-of-the-art equipment for cabins, full-time homes and lodge settings. Our systems employ components and methods with which we have many years of experience. We have two decades of experience designing and installing off-grid power systems. We are experts in solar, wind, generators, batteries, and inverters — all the possible ingredients of an off-the-grid power system.

Our design philosophy is simple — to provide the most sensible and reliable power system for our customers’ needs and to use local resources as much as possible.

Each of our designs takes into account: budget, location, renewable energy content desired and load criticality. We offer modular, packaged systems and custom built systems. All our systems are built for turnkey and ‘plug and play’ operation.

Our Customers

Our customers range from off-grid homeowners to the US Army Corps of Engineers for strategic military applications in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Electrical power any place on earth for any application

We offer a variety of pre-designed, prepackaged solar and solar/wind hybrid systems for every possible application and resource constraints. Our modular systems allow bringing reliable power to virtually any place on earth.

Modular Solar — The SPG-1

The Solar Power Generator (SPG-1) is portable, highly securable, self-contained solar powered generating stationthat provides reliable, clean, and low maintenance energy to remote homes and communities and industrial applications such as, cell phone towers, water pumping, desalinization stations and ice making.

  • One SPG-1 can provide power for several homes or several SPG-1s can be connected to create a small scale power grid for a community
  • Operates independently with sunlight or in conjunction with a generator
  • Built-in system performance monitoring enables remote observation

The SPG-1 provides reliable, clean, low maintenance energy to the world’s most remote places.

Four separate inverters, charge controllers, batteries, and solar strings provide redundancy to ensure high reliability. Forty SunPower solar panels offer the highest-efficiency available to deliver the most energy with the smallest possible footprint. The solar array stows inside the steel container during transport, storage, or extreme weather event.

The SPG-1 can be monitored remotely by satellite, operates for up to 5 years without service or intervention, requires no fuel, and has no moving parts. The SPG-1 is engineered to withstand 120 mph hurricane winds, desert heat, and coastal salt. Electrical and mechanical systems are designed and stamped by a Professional Engineer. Factory built and tested by qualified electricians and engineers to ensure maximum field reliability.

Whether for an off-grid estate, field hospital, water pumping and purification, or communications, the SPG-1 reliably delivers the power of the sun day and night.

Take a walk around the SPG-1

Take a look inside the SPG-1


  • Portable, highly securable, self-contained solar power
  • Provides conventional AC power for homes, businesses, or any load
  • Solid State power generation + no moving parts= high reliability
  • Operates independently or in conjunction with a generator
  • Proven, field-tested technology
  • Built-in system performance monitor enables remote observation
  • Operates on sunlight — No fossil fuel required
  • Maintenance free with 5 — 10 year service interval
  • All equipment UL listed and built to National Electric Code standards
  • Designed for extreme conditions
  • Robust construction and engineered redundancy ensure high reliability
  • Connect multiple SG-1s to create micro-grid
  • Utilizes the world’s highest efficiency, commercially available solar panels for maximum power density
  • Globally shippable, ready for rapid deployment
  • No special instructions or electrical expertise required — universal instructions and pluggable electrical connections ensure safe, simple installation

SPG-1 Specifications

PV PANELS 40 225 Watt PV Panels = 9 KW
BATTERIES Maintenance Free, Lead Acid — AGM 100 KWH
  • 4×4000 W = 20 KW continuous power
  • 200 Amps surge power
  • 48 KW surge power
LOAD One SPG-1 can provide power for several homes, or a typical home with an air conditioner. Multiple SPG-1s can be connected to create a small scale power grid for a community.

SPG-1 Dimensions

SPG-1 Dimensions

SPG-1 Micro-Grid

SPG 1 Micro-Grid

Download the SPG-1 Datasheet here.


Most applications require custom solutions taking into account the many parameters and variables such as budget, location, desired degree of renewable energy content, load-criticality and installation logistic challenges.

Custom Solution — Mobile Power Trailer

Mobile Power Generator Trailer

The design required a mobile power system that could provide AC power to a remote job site with minimal reliance on fuel. This custom solution can be fully deployed by two peopel and be operational in approximately two hours. The trailer has three energy sources: solar array, wind generators, and a gas generator.

Water Pumping Systems

Are drought conditions affecting your water supply?
Are your pastures under-utilized?
Are you interested in a maintance-free water pumping system that has none of the hassles of a generator or mechanical wind pumper?

You can depend on IPS to provide you with a cost-effective system matched to your exact needs that will provide hassle-free water delivery for decades.


  • Livestock
  • Nurseries
  • Ponds
  • Stream protection
  • Remote homes and cabins
  • Revive old Aermotor wells

Our kits consist of solar electric panels, modern electric wind turbines, and super efficient pumps that offer unparalleled reliability and performance. We provide systems for both surface & well water. We will provide the water pumping system as a ready-to-install kit, a pre-built mobile system, or a turnkey installation—you choose. Read below to learn about your options. Then call our Montana office at (406) 587 -5295, or call (303) 440-0115 in Colorado for a quote.

Solar and wind systems can be located any distance from the water source!

Here are your options for water pumping systems:

Solar Electric

Need water in the summer? This is your best option. Provides the most water when you need it—on those hot summer days.

Solar Panel and Equipment Rear View


  • Operates indefinitely with no maintenance
  • Solar panels are backed by a 25-year warranty
  • Simple to install

Solar Water Pumping Station and Reservoir

Wind Pumping

Wind Powered Pump

Need water in the winter?

Your best option is one of our modern wind turbines mounted onto our unique, guyless, tilt-down tower


Turbines have a permanent magnet alternator and maintenance-free bearings
Tilt-down tower provides safe, cost-effective installation and easy annual inspections

Hybrid Pumping

Need water year-round or a very high volume? Combining wind and solar power in a pumping system results in a very consistent and reliable water source as pumping occurs anytime there is sunlight or wind.

Solar and Wind Hybrid


  • The solar panels and wind turbine are both mounted onto our unique, guyless, tilt-down tower

Mobile Pumping

Need one unit for multiple wells? Available in solar and hybrid option.

Mobile Solar and Wind Hybrid


  • Can easily be moved to power multiple wells with a single system
  • When combined with the IPS power pack accessory, can be used as a mobile power source for lighting and power tools