Off-Grid Solutions

From off-grid cabins in the mountains to remote water pumping applications for agriculture, we have the robust solar and energy storage solutions you need to power anything.

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Off-Grid Solutions

From off-grid cabins in the mountains to remote water pumping applications for agriculture, we have the robust solar and energy storage solutions you need to power anything.

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Maximize roof space and power your off-grid home or application with high-efficiency solar panels manufactured by SunPower.


Keep your lights and critical loads up and running even when the sun isn’t shining with robust battery and energy storage solutions.


Achieve energy independence by maximizing renewable energy generation and storing it for periods of uncertainty or no sun.

Off-Grid Energy Solutions

Discover Truly Independent Energy

Living off-grid is a commitment and takes extra planning to ensure all your energy needs are being met, even during storms or limited sunlight. Meet your planned electrical loads free from the grid with robust off-grid solar and energy storage solutions.

Off-grid solar cabin in Montana

Keeping the Lights on

Achieve Energy Resiliency

Energy storage becomes the most valuable when it’s acting as insurance and protecting against power outages. Some locations, such as coastal communities and islands, are more prone to power loss than others, but any location can benefit from an energy storage investment. After just a day of power loss, a small business could stand to lose as much as 18% of their revenue, which increases exponentially the longer the outage lasts. As utilities face more and more power quality challenges and effects of climate change become increasingly severe, the grid is expected to experience more frequent and disastrous outages.

Two different solar arrays and small wind tower in hills outside of Kabul
“The casualty factor for fuel resupplies in Afghanistan is 0.042, which is 0.042 casualties for every fuel-related resupply convoy or almost one casualty for every 24 fuel resupply convoys.”

In addition to lives, the burden of cost upon the military for relying on diesel fuel is enormous and ripe for change in their energy mix. Depending on market conditions, the military pays between $2 and $3 per gallon for fuel. Beyond the cost to purchase the fuel commodity itself, there are also other hidden costs including the cost of protecting the transport of the fuel, transport equipment, and transport personnel. These transport and protection costs increase the total cost by up to 15 times the actual purchase price in most cases.

This project involved the design of the systems, procurement, and pre-assembly of components, and shipment to Kabul. IPS President, Tony Boniface traveled to Kabul to lead the project and train the installation team on-site.

Tiled down small wind turbine for maintenance
Power facility on treeless hill in Afghanistan
back of solar array fenced in near Kabul
Base of a wind turbine at sunset with technicians beneath
Workers beneath Off-grid solar power system and wind turbine in the hills near Kabul, Afghanistan
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Off-Grid Spotlight

In 2010, Independent Power Systems worked with the US Army Corps of Engineers to provide five renewable energy based power systems for the Afghan National Army Base power sentinel post sites high in the hills outside of Kabul.
This project was the first of its kind for the USACE and was to be the pilot project for evaluating alternate means of generating electrical power beyond the standard die- sel generators that have always been the go-to option for the military. In military budgets, fuel delivery and transport is a significant portion of spending and risk of casualties.

Energy Storage

Energy security when you need it most

Blue Ion 2.0 Battery Packs

Blue Ion 2.0

We only choose to work with products that we would install in our own homes, so you can be confident that with Blue Ion you’re investing in one of the safest battery chemistries, longest-lasting hardware, and most robust battery technologies available on the market.

sunxtender AGM batteries

Sun Xtender AGM

Sun Xtender is our go-to, tried and true AGM lead-acid battery appropriate for both grid-tied and off-grid applications. It’s a long-lasting no-frills solution that can do anything from run our forklift in the shop to taking your house off the grid.