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SunPower solar power system

Lake Valley Golf Club


Commercial Solar for Lake Valley Golf Club

Lake Valley Golf Club, nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Boulder, Colorado, features a 55 kW SunPower solar system on the roof of its cart barn that Independent Power was proud to install. Because of this installation, golf carts will now be 100% solar powered. Not only will this installation help the environment and lower the carbon footprint of Lake Valley Golf Club, but it will save an estimated $9,963 in its first year of using the system. This means there is a 5.2 year payback with the rebates and incentives associated with this investment.

To take these benefits a step further, Lake Valley Golf Club was able to partner with the Boulder Partners for a Cleaner Environment and get a $15,000 rebate towards their green energy initiative. Soon, we will be conducting a full case study on this project that will fully unveil its benefits, both environmentally and economically.

In the past, it has been common to think of solar panels as energy alternatives for eco-friendly residential homes, but there are now many uses for solar energy. Many more companies are incorporating solar energy as a way to provide energy for their business, be conscious of the environment, and save money. Solar panels on garages and barns like the one at Lake Valley Golf Club is becoming an increasingly popular option. Some of the benefits of adding solar energy to barns include: 

  • Freedom from utilities
  • Saving money
  • Increased property value
  • Access to an environmentally friendly, renewable resource
  • Tax incentives on a state-by-state basis (26% solar tax credit as of 2021 in Colorado and Montana)

Planning your barn around solar power takes some foresight, but it is a rewarding investment in the long run. It prevents you from needing to run electricity to the barn by using energy from the sun instead. This is how the solar panel will help eliminate those pesky utility bills and increase the property’s resale value. It is also why it is wise, whether you are installing a solar panel on a barn or other building, to choose an area that has sufficient sun exposure year-round. Fortunately, Boulder sees 245 sunny days every year, so Lake Valley Golf Club is positioned in an ideal location to take advantage of the many benefits of solar power.

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