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Lewistown Public Library

SunPower solar power system

Lewistown Public Library



The Lewistown Public Library is a community hub of Fergus County, Montana, serving an area of 11,406 people and countless passersby each year. In 2007, Independent Power installed a 3.28 kW SunPower solar system on the roof of the Lewistown Public Library at 701 W. Main Street. The roof-mounted array eliminates any land use burden and is sensitive to the building’s historic architecture.

The system features 16 high-efficiency SunPower 205 Watt panels and an SPR-3300 X solar inverter. The SunPower solar modules have a 25-year power production warranty, and the SPR 3300-x inverter comes with a 10-year warranty.

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3.28 kW

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