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Sterling University Peaks Apartments

SunPower solar power system

Sterling University Peaks Apartments



Independent Power has completed the installation of a 190.74 kW solar power system at Sterling University Peaks Apartments in Boulder. The Sterling system consists of arrays on both apartment buildings in the complex that feature 578 Canadian Solar CS6U-330M modules secured on Everest D Dome dual-tilt racking. The solar panels are estimated to produce 238,030 kWh annually, offsetting Sterling’s energy use by roughly 40%. The system also includes LED Lighting and Smart Solar Controls that maximize solar utilization and manage the start-up and shut-down of key equipment, thereby lowering consumption, demand, and bills. This solar installation will save the owners money and will assist the city of Boulder in reaching its 2030 goal of becoming 100% powered by renewable energy. The sterling solar panels are expected to pay for themselves within seven years thanks to the energy savings and generous commercial solar incentives such as the Federal Investment Tax Credit and MACRS depreciation.

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190.74 kW

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