Commercial Solar Project

Boulder Nissan

416,000 lbs

Est.  Lifetime CO2 Offset


Project Type

Boulder, CO


50.25 kW

System Size

Boulder Nissan, a top dealer of electric vehicles in Colorado, worked with Independent Power Systems to reduce their facility’s footprint in 2016 by installing a 50.25 kW SunPower solar system and retrofitting their lighting with LEDs.

The dealership will charge their Nissan Leaf inventory, one of the largest in the United States, with the solar power. Additionally, the store has five EV charging stations that any owner of an electric vehicle may use free of charge.

In 2015, Boulder Nissan launched an electric vehicle and solar group purchasing program with great success. They continue to be a leader in sustainability with the installation of this solar system, which will reduce their carbon emissions by 416,000 pounds of CO2 throughout the life of the system.

The LED lighting retrofits cut energy use by approximately 50% and the solar system reduced it by another 20%. Together, the upgrades have reduced Boulder Nissan’s electricity consumption by 67%, resulting in an approximately $384,000 return on investment over the next 25 years.


Car dealerships, in particular, stand to earn significant savings from going solar in the equivalent of up to three vehicle sales per month.

In addition to these savings, Boulder Nissan’s dedication to reducing their environmental impact has gained the dealership more customers who share similar values.

“Customers are choosing us over the competitors because we are demonstrating our concern for the community and environment by going solar. Our solar project is actually gaining us customers.”

Ted Christiano, General Manager
Boulder Nissan

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