Boulder Valley Christian Church

A Solar-powered Boulder Church

The Boulder Valley Christian Church commissioned IPS to install a 109.98 kW ground-mounted solar array near their facility in Boulder, Colorado.

Project Highlights

Location: Boulder, Colorado

System Size: 109.98 kW

Est. CO2 Offset: 263,471 lbs/yr

Project Type: Commercial Solar

Client: Boulder Valley Christian Church

Boulder Valley Christian Church Logo
Boulder Valley Christian Church Solar Panels

The BVCC Solar Garden

To reflect their strong commitment to environmental stewardship, the Boulder Valley Christian Church (BVCC) contracted Independent Power Systems to design and install a 109.98 kW ground-mounted commercial solar array consisting of 468 SunPower SER-235P modules and a Satcon PVS-100 480 volt inverter. After it was determined that the Church’s roof would not produce the desired energy yield due to its low angle and east/west orientation, an alternative site was proposed adjacent to the BVCC community garden. Although the ground-mount racking system increased the cost of installation per kW, the new location saw an estimated 20% increase in annual energy production, more than offsetting the system’s upfront costs. Boulder Valley Christian Church now operates at over 90% solar electricity. The system is expected to offset 263,471 lbs of carbon per year.

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“Going with solar power was a natural extension of the values of Boulder Valley Christian Church. We strive to be good stewards of everything God has entrusted us with, and solar is a great way to preserve the environment with clean, green energy, and an added bonus is the significant cost savings."

Zach Watson
Administrative Pastor, Boulder Valley Christian Church

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