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SparkFun Electronics contracted Independent Power Systems to design and install a 219.74 kW commercial solar power system on the roof of their facility in Niwot, Colorado.

Project Highlights

Location: Niwot, Colorado

System Size: 219.744 kW

Est Energy Production: 297,630 kWh/yr

Project Type: Commercial Solar

Client: SparkFun Electronics

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Solar Power System on roof of Sparkfun Electronics in Niwot, Colorado

Commercial Solar in Niwot, Colorado

Independent Power Systems recently completed the installation of a 219.744 kW commercial solar array on the roof of Sparkfun Electronics in Niwot, Colorado. This system features 672 SunPower SPR-E327 panels and eight SunPower 27.6 kW PowerOne inverters. Together, the solar panels are estimated to produce 297,630 kWh per year, which is the equivalent of planting 4,263 trees or offsetting 182 tons of carbon dioxide annually. Thanks to generous commercial solar incentives such as the Federal Investment Tax Credit and MACRS depreciation, the Sparkfun system is expected to offset the building’s energy usage and pay for itself in 11 years.

Read more about the SparkFun Electronics solar power system on the SparkFun blog.

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