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Home Solar’s
Top Pros and Cons

From energy savings to independence from your utility, there are many great benefits to going solar. Download our beginner’s guide to the pros and cons of home solar energy to learn about this exciting technology, available financial incentives, common solar myths, and more!

Solar 101

Home Solar’s
Top Pros and Cons

For more than 20 years, IPS has been helping homeowners upgrade their homes with robust solar energy and battery storage technologies. Whether you want to be more sustainable, make a difference in your community, invest in a more resilient smart home, or simply want to save money on your electric bill, we want to help you make the right solar decisions for your home. To that effect, we’ve created this guide to help you understand the real pros and cons of solar energy and to dispel many of the common myths that exist around home solar plus storage systems.

Resources in the eBook

Download our solar pros and cons eBook to learn the basics of home solar including these common considerations:

  • How solar panels affect home value
  • What local and federal solar incentives are available
  • How much maintenance is required with solar panels
  • What adding a battery backup means for your system
  • How going solar impacts the environment
  • The lifespan of home solar panels
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…Or get a Free Solar Quote

…Or get a Free Solar Quote

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About Independent Power Systems

Independent Power Systems (IPS) has been designing and installing premium solar+storage systems for residential and commercial customers in Colorado, Massachusetts, and Montana since 1996. Our team of highly skilled engineers, electricians, and installers is committed to innovation in energy resilience and sustainability as well as helping the community achieve energy independence, do right by the environment, and save money in the process.

To date, IPS has installed thousands of grid-tied, off-grid, remote wind, and microgrid systems including several challenging international projects for large commercial clients and the military. Contact us today for a free solar estimate to start you on a path to home energy independence.