Solar for Your Home

Discover the path toward energy independence with home solar + storage solutions from Independent Power Systems. Start your journey with a free quote to see how much you could save!

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Solar for Your Home

Discover the path toward energy independence with home solar + storage solutions from Independent Power Systems. Start your journey with a free quote to see how much you could save!

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Power your home from with sun and save money on your monthly electricity bills with premium home solar solutions.

Energy Storage

Back up your critical loads such as home medical equipment or even your whole house with home battery backups.


Save big with powerful solar incentives including the 26% Solar Tax Credit, local rebates, and utility net-metering programs

Residential Solar Solutions

Home Solar Made Easy

For the past 20 years, IPS has been helping homeowners upgrade their homes with solar and batteries. Our clients want the best of the best, so we strive to deliver premium products from the highest performing team of installers and engineers.

Whether you want to be more sustainable, make a difference in your community, invest in a more resilient smart home, or just simply save money on your electric bill, we’ll treat your home like our own from the design phase to the last day of installation.

solar power system on roof of home

High-Efficiency Home Solar


As SunPower Elite Dealers with Gold Tier pricing, we are able to offer the best solar available at the most competitive pricing. For more than 30 years, SunPower has been the leader in solar panel manufacturing and pushing the boundaries of efficiency. Because of this, SunPower solar panels deliver more energy over time than other types of solar panels. In fact, SunPower panels produce up to 60% more energy from the same space over 25 years than conventional panels. With the industry’s best 25-year warranty, SunPower stands behind its products and builds them to last with high quality, recyclable materials that have sustainability in mind.

Residential eGauge

Energy Monitoring Systems

Homes and businesses with eGauge energy monitoring are protecting their renewable energy investments by monitoring for equipment issues, reducing unnecessary energy costs, and optimizing their energy production. In real-time, you can track your solar system’s production and the consumption from your home or business. By monitoring your loads, you can identify if certain equipment or electronics are using more energy than you’d like without your knowledge.

Emily and David Takahashi standing in front of their solar
System Specs:
SunPower X360 modules; 10.4 kW system

BlueIon Blue Planet batteries, 32 kWh

Outback Radian GS8048 inverter

FM100 charge controllers

Estimated Annual Production: 7,708 kWh
- David Takahashi, IPS Customer
“We’re eager to share our home as an example of how homeowners can live entirely comfortably while being more energy efficient and fossil fuel-free. We want to show how this can be done in steps - by taking advantage of available energy efficiency programs and rebates, it is affordable.”

The Blue Ion batteries are the key to this system being off-grid capable and resilient in the event of an outage. To maximize production and efficiency, the power system utilizes the Outback Radian GS8048 inverter, two FM100 charge controllers, and Tigo optimizers on every solar panel. The system is expected to provide close to 100% of the Takahashi’s daily energy needs, with surplus in the summer months and an occasional energy deficit mid-winter if the solar panels are snow-covered for an extended period of time. In this case, grid power will be used as necessary, but will not be used to charge the battery.

David says he looks forward to the next power outage when every house on his street is dark, “and there will be ours, lit up and fully functioning!”

Carbon neutral home, Boulder, CO
Solar panels and strawberry patch.
residential SunPower solar system
Blue Ion battery pack black
David & Emily Takahashi - SunPower solar system, Boulder, CO
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Residential Spotlight

Emily and David Takahashi are committed to sustainability. In 2017, the couple was featured in the 2017 Boulder Green Home Tour for their efforts to retrofit their 60-year-old, 900 square foot home for energy efficiency. By taking steps to reduce their overall energy consumption, installing triple pane low-E windows, insulating their ceiling, and eliminating their gas line, they were able to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 80%.
By hiring Independent Power Systems to design and install a solar-plus-storage off-grid-capable system, the Takahashi’s now have the power to discontinue their use of grid power. The 10.4 kW system is equipped with 29 SunPower X360 modules to power the home. Solar energy not immediately consumed by the home is stored in a 32 kWh Blue Ion battery bank for use at night, during inclement weather, and any time the solar panels are not producing enough energy to keep up with the load of the home. When the Blue Ion batteries are full, excess energy will flow to the grid, earning the Takahashi’s Renewable Energy Credits and providing their neighbors with clean energy.
sonnen ecoLinx
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Powering Your Smart Home

Pros & Cons You Should Know Before Going Solar

Curious about solar panels for your home? Check out our ebook on the top pros and cons of going solar to learn how you can benefit from a home solar power system.
Free eBook Download

Pros & Cons You Should Know Before Going Solar

Curious about solar panels for your home? Check out our eBook on the top pros and cons of going solar to learn how you can benefit from a home solar power system.

Home Solar FAQs

General Questions

How many panels do I need?

Great question! During the initial consultation, your IPS Solar Consultant will ask you for a copy of your utility bills for the past twelve months to determine your annual energy usage. With this information, we’re able to design a system with the appropriate number of panels to fit your needs and energy goals. Looking to add an electric vehicle or a hot tub in the near future? Let us know so we know to design your system accordingly!

Will Solar panels make my roof leak?

For every installation, our team will flash and seal all roof penetrations and rafters. We’re so confident that our team will not cause any leaks by putting solar on your roof, that IPS offers an industry-leading 10-year workmanship warranty.

What if I want to make my system bigger later?

You sure can! However, we highly recommend you consider any and all potential future changes to your energy usage before going solar and allowing us to oversize your system accordingly. This is the most efficient and cost-effective path, as it will require additional permitting from your utility and cost you more in the long run to add on later.

What about batteries?

If you want to go off-grid, then absolutely! If you want to stay tied to the grid, then most likely! Your Solar Consultant will run through this option with you to go over the advantages and determine if it fits your needs. The benefit of batteries is that it adds ‘insurance’ to your solar system in two ways: 1) Electricity insurance: batteries can act to reduce the amount of energy that you pull from the grid when the sun isn’t shining or when you need more energy than you are able to produce. As a result, your batteries will be your insurance against power loss and disruption. 2) Insurance against your utility: electrical utilities change their rate structures and policies an average of 5-7 times over the lifetime of an average customer’s solar system. These changes demonstrate the risk of your utility changing the rate (or price) at which you are allowed to sell solar energy that you produce back to them OR introducing a demand charge that would effectively add an extra fee to your bill for any electricity you pull from the grid at a time of peak grid demand.

Utilities across the country have made changes like this that change the way solar works. But not all hope is lost! A battery that is grid-tied can offer solutions. Check out our battery page or give us a call to learn how.

Why is IPS more expensive than my other quotes?

We use SunPower panels – the most efficient and long-lasting solar panels commercially available with the longest product and performance warranty on the market. Because these panels are so efficient and long-lasting, they’re usually priced on the higher end, but are going to pencil out to be less expensive in the long run because of the cost of replacement and degradation if you went anywhere else.

What will my bill look like after going solar?

The biggest reason folks go solar is to reduce or eliminate their electricity bills. Most utilities allow you to do this through net-metering, which tracks the amount of energy that your solar system produces and sells back to the utility while also tracking how much you are buying from them when the sun isn’t shining.

What about hail and snow?

Fun fact – contrary to popular belief, panels have the potential to produce more energy than they’re even rated for when it snows because of the way that snow refracts light, also known as Snell’s Law. However, when your panels are covered in snow, they are obviously hidden from the sun and are not able to produce energy. At this time, your system will pull energy from the grid or your batteries to meet your needs. If pulling from the grid, the amount you use will be paid for by credits you have built up through net-metering. No big deal!

Additionally, our installations are built to withstand 160 mph hurricane wind speeds and golf ball-sized hail. If all else fails, your homeowner’s insurance will cover the removal and replacement of any damaged panels.

Will my HOA allow solar panels?

There are two things HOA’s are not allowed to say ‘no’ to: American flags and solar panels!