URGENT: 2019 Net-Metering Changes for Montana Customers

NorthWestern Energy is Killing Solar: Act Now Before It’s Too Late!

Environmentally friendly. Economically awesome.

Find out how solar can be an invaluable asset for your home, your finances, and your community.

There are more options for installing solar on your home today than ever before. With over two decades of experience installing residential solar systems, no other company can come close to the level of expertise you can expect from Independent Power Systems.


  • Reduce your household’s carbon footprint
  • Fix future energy costs
  • Reduce coal burning and associated pollutants immediately
  • Support domestically produced energy
  • Increase the value and appeal of your home

Call us today to find out more about our zero-down solar loans and cash purchase options.

Visit the Residential projects section of our website to see the residential solar electric systems that we installed for our Colorado, Montana, and Massachusetts customers (and take a look at their testimonials).

The best deal on residential solar systems out there today is the 30% Federal Tax Credit. Any system installed before the end of 2019 qualifies for a 30% discount as a part of a government initiative to promote clean energy.

We also offer exclusive deals when combining a residential solar system with other components such as EV charging or backup power. Just let us know what services you are interested in on our contact form!