Solar Service – Maintenance and Repairs

Does your solar system need service or a checkup?

IPS is dedicated to keeping all solar electric systems working optimally, whether we installed them or not.  We offer the complete spectrum of service including:

  • Solar System Inspections

Whether your system is not operating at all or seems to be performing at lower production than it used to, we can help. Our solar technicians have training and troubleshooting experience to get at the root of any solar system problem – from electrical to shading issues.

Rick at a solar inspection

Rick at a solar inspection

  • Solar System Repairs

We take pride in knowing how to repair just about any solar system problem. With over 25 years of solar system troubleshooting, we have the resources and tools needed to get to the bottom of most any solar system problem. In many cases, we can repair the issue on our first visit; otherwise, we will provide a bid for a future repair.

Electrician at work

  • Solar System Removal and Reinstalls

If you have a solar system that needs to be removed to have a new roof installed, we can help.  Our installation teams are adept at removing solar systems, safely storing the panels and racking and re-installing the array just the way it was or better.

  • Solar System Animal Guard Installations

If you would like to keep squirrels, birds and other animals from nesting under your array and causing damage, we can help.  IPS installation crews routinely install animal guard on all our systems. We have learned how to adapt our wire mesh guard to most different types of arrays to keep out even the most determined pests.

squirrel under solar panel

squirrel under solar panel

  • Solar System Upgrades

IPS offers a suite of upgrade offerings including system expansion, battery backup, and monitoring.  Depending on your roof space and other considerations, we can add a parallel solar system to complement the one you have. Our battery backup kits can work with your existing solar system to power your critical loads during a power failure. Our monitoring solution will allow you to see your solar system production and, optionally, your home’s energy usage.

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