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The third week of March 2018, I spoke with Ipswich, MA home owner Charlotte Kahn on a day that she was home, “hunkered down for our third nor-easter in ten days.” “Today is our third severe storm in less than two weeks. The first storm hit Ipswich pretty hard; it caused astronomical tides and flooding. We… Read More

The benefits of a tracker solar system: on and off the grid Tracking solar arrays are a beautiful thing to behold; like sunflowers they optimize their energy absorption by following the path of the sun throughout the day. Trackers come in two basic designs: single and dual axis. The latter type maintains perfect perpendicular orientation… Read More

Want to decrease your operating costs while decreasing your carbon footprint? In this post, we explore the costs and benefits, both financial and environmental, of getting rooftop solar installed for your business. While it’s true that FedEx, Apple, Google, and Costco have all invested in rooftop solar, your business doesn’t have to be a multimillion… Read More